Blog - Glitter Capsule 2018

Glitter Capsule 2018
By flaneurz 2/9/2018 11:51 AM

“Make those you cross path with have sparkle in their eyes”

Everything springs from a spark, energy and city lights’ flash point. Cocktails tangy twists Bengal lights smoke, and electric light filters subdues eroticism vibrations. Wheels’ Pearly white blows up, glittering brightly: making Flâneuse’s road glows. Music becomes an accomplice, highlighting the elegance of the motion. The atmosphere is seducing, embellished with magenta and cyan radiances. Brûlé* sparkles. In its lighting setting, Capsule glitter rolls, leaving stars dust clouds in its wake.

*Brûlé is the W Paris - Opéra private bar, intismist, baroque and muffled setting/ atmosphere.

Rendez-vous at the begining of march to discover Flaneurz' new clip on skates : Glitter Capsule 2018 !