Blog - Meeting Jean-Marc Premium ambassador

Meeting Jean-Marc Premium ambassador
By Flaneurz 2/14/2017 2:45 PM

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Jean-Marc Gravier is a Flaneurz’ ambassador (tester of prototypes and actor of the product evolution) and skates in Nike Air Force One Black. He waited for a long time a concept like the On Wheelz system. His enthusiasm brought a lot to the project development.

“I use them three or four times a week, even every day ! to move in the city, when I am teaching as a roller instructor (urban skating, free skate, skatepark, hockey initiation…).”

Leading figure in the skating universe, he is roller-dancer in the SkateXpress crew whose he is the manager. “They allow an innovative and new style of dance.” 

Jean Marc is a rollerskate professional monitor with a past of high level (various times ranked in european in aggressive skating competition). He contributed to the writing of the pedagogic and citizen rules of the roller skate with the French roller federation (project : C.O.D.E). He spends more than 40h a week on wheels. We call him the perfect ambassador for Flaneurz’ rollerskates.

“They are really comfortable compared toinline skates or even artistic boots. The châssis between the skate plate and the shoe ensure a good transmission of energy to the rolling part, as a consequence those “sneaker rollerskates” are réactive and precise. I can wear them for hours, which is a real advantage for my job (up to 6h per day on rollerskates).”

You will be able to meet him and make the most of his savoir-faire on many occasions:

He will present a roller dance training course in Paris, organised by the Gossipskate association, for whom he give courses on regular basis, on the 18 -19th February weekend.



You could also meet him in Bordeaux where he will present the “Bordeaux roller tour” which takes place from 16 to 23 July. 

If you do not have the opportunity to participate, he will be at the Constellation” event in collaboration with La Main collectif (creator of the festival and OnWheelz parties) and whose Flaneurz is partner. This event is a creation of Julie Navarro which will integrate a roller party in the heart of the most important collection of modern art in Europe (Georges Pompidou Centre - Paris) from 14pm to 18pm on sunday 26th February.

And why not, assist to one of his roller training courses (dance, free skate, skatepark…). You can directly contact Gossipskate and Roller et Compagnie associations.

“In a professional point of view, it is an advantage of not carrying an extra pair of shoes or rollers in addition to my teaching equipment. As a roller dancer : these skates offers a flexibility and an unique look compared to traditional boots.”


Hope to seeing you all at these events!

Flaneurz’ Clique gives you rendez-vous soon for upcoming events!