Flaneurz symbolizes a spirit : the spirit of todays’ independent, passionate, nimble-footed, urban, responsible and elegant “flâneur” - a french untranslatable word for a purposeless street rambler and aesthete. Move about, dance, express yourself on rollerskates and, in just one clip, get your feet back onto the ground. Flaneurz lays the city down at your feet.


We are four passionate rollerskaters and sneakers fans. We have gathered our complementary skills and competencies:

  • Florian Gravier, project's instigator, roller-dancer from the SkateXpress, is in charge of admnistration and marketing.
  • Arnaud Darut is an engineer and responsible for the development and the industrialization of our products.
  • Walid Nouh, a judge in federal and international rollerskating championships and a Derby player for the team Kamiquadz of Montpellier in 2013, takes part to strategic and operational decisions.
  • David Brun supports Flaneurz with his admnistrative, legal and financial expertise.
Co-founders of Flaneurz : Arnaud and Florian


At the beginning it’s a child’s dream, at the end a patended product. After a more than two years long striving R&D work,  the Flaneurz team has progressed from a functional prototype to small-scale production. We are also grateful to our partners and experts, who supported us along the way:

  • The Product Design and Innovation Lab,
  • Arts et Métiers Paris Tech Prototyping Workshop,
  • The National Podology Institute,
  • The “Bêta” testers, with their large experience of rollerskates’ components and practice.
  • All our prototypes have been designed, developped, machined and assembled by the prototyping Lab of the ENSAM Engineering school’s campus. We had to test all the parts of each prototype upon technical (mechanical system, fatigue testing…), reliability, performance and comfort-related criteria to meet our high quality standards.


Collaborative economy

Crowdfunding, as you may have experienced on Kickstarter, is one of the major features of collaborative economy. It is embematic of a participative society where everyone can become an active part in his environment as well as in business creation.

We started up our campaign with functional prototypes. The organization of the production line then took time and like many other projects depending on crowdfunding, our deliverables were delayed.

Indeed, moving from a prototype to an industrial product necessitates to pass many steps, as defining all the project’s costs (product prime cost, industrial investment...) and getting technical validation by industrial partners. Today, as we launch our e-shop, we must constantly adapt stock management to demand.

Dynamism, Made in France, Environment

Our office and workshop are located in the Business Incubator of La Courneuve. Flaneurz takes part to the general effort to boost the development of Paris nothern suburbs, and particularly improves  the image of the council houses around called “la Cité des 4000”.

Offering made-in-France, innovative and sustainable products is in accordance with our values, and our manufacturing process shouldn’t break it. We express the wish that brands (Nike, Adidas), whose products we use, respect their commitments in terms of social responsability. To our level, we can only be attentive to this. In the rolling chassis of the Iconic serie, Krypto wheels and bearings are made in China, but the vast majority of others components come especially from European countries and therefore also reduce transport costs.


We sponsor an association called Mobile en ville. They organize urban rambles for persons with reduced mobility (even abroad), thanks to the help sporty rollerskaters. Everytime we sell one of our products, we donate a sum of money corresponding to the costs of 1km hiking.

Financial and consulting partners:

  • Arts et Métiers Paris Tech (with their incubator), previously ENSAM (École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers): a famous reference in training industrial ingeneers. 
  • Initiative grandes écoles et universités (with Fondation des Arts et Métiers): their aim is to detect and foster innovative projects of jobs creation when funding new companies or taking or existing ones.  
  • La Miel (Maison de l’Initiative Économique Locale): Local and public support for the creation and the development of very small businesses
  • Initiative Plaine Commune: Local actor for the development of the district of Seine-Saint-Denis. Implementation of measures to help creators and business buyers.  
  • BPI France (Banque Publique d'Investissement): a public bank offering financial solutions adapted to each stage in companies’ lives.  
  • Scientipôle: Associative structure financing the initiation of young innovative companies in Île de France (Paris) region.