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Once you have acquired your Ready-to-Roll pack, have several pairs to clip on your rolling part! 

Flaneurz serial number is written under your right rolling part

Manually manufactured in France
Manufacturing time: 2 to 4 weeks
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Shoe description

Top Ten

The Top Ten Hi was the premier basketball shoe of its time. First released in the 70s, it was worn by the best players at the highest level of competition worldwide and developed for the ten best players of the time. With the success of adidas basketball in the late 80s, the Top Ten shoe model established the Three Stripes as a mark of comfort and quality. A revolution in comfort, and far more advanced than its competitors, the Top Ten Hi shoe model changed the direction of sneakers forever.

Size guide

Heel to toe length (cm) EUR US Men US Woman
22,1 36  4 5
22,5 36 2/3 4,5 5,5
22,9 37 1/3 5 6
23,3 38 5,5 6,5
23,8 38 2/3 6 7
24,2 39 1/3 6,5 7,5
24,6 40 7 8
25 40 2/3 7,5 8,5
25,5 41 1/3 8 9
25,9 42 8,5 9,5
26,3 42 2/3 9 10
26,7 43 1/3 9,5 10,5
27,1 44 10 11
27,6 44 2/3 10,5 11,5
28 45 1/3 11 12
28,4 46 11,5 12,5

Data from Adidas official size guide


The comfort and ergonomics of the shoes that will become detachable skates is at the heart of the Flaneurz quality approach. It is therefore essential to know how to choose the right shoe. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you go to the physical store to try on the different shoe models and sizes. In case you hesitate between two sizes, and because the shoe you are choosing is a sports shoe, it is preferable to take the upper size in order to be more comfortable.


/Place a paper on the floor placing one end against a wall. ­ 
/Stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. ­ 
/Mark the paper exactly where your toes finish. ­ 
/Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the mark you made. Compare your feet size with the size guide.


Our brand ambassdor Poupa is a self-taught and multidisciplinary skater who was the French roller derby team jammer and then coach of parisian roller derby team Lutèce Destroyeuses.

With his daily use, Poupa is the perfect ambassador to convey his passion for roller skating and share loafers universe.

He is the Adidas Top Ten historical tester.