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Blog - Capsule F

Capsule F
By Flaneurz 2/22/2017 11:11 AM

"If our feets were fluorescent, it is the earth that would illuminate the sun"


04/07//2017 edit: Capsule F is sold out! You will see 15 luminous “flâneurs” in South Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Slovenia and Israel. Don’t forget to protect your eyes!


An immaculate, neutral and harmless Air Force One White like a white page, blank canvas, a solicitation to create, suggested to Amedeo Abello, Flaneurz’ artistic director. 

“My aesthetic universe tends to minimalism, graphic research. I wanted to bring life to the Nike Air Force One white, to boost them with colored vitamin, turn them into chemical candy... Fluo, stabilo, to highlight... Capsule F is a joie de vivre manifesto, a big thrills shoot! Wink to the eighties, golden age of roller quad, to fluokids, fluo absorbs and re-issues the light. The flâneur will be seen, unique.”

Capsule F, F like Fluo, F like Flaneurz, 7 words beginning by F, 7 words like the 7 days of the week, the Capsule F, one strong sensation to live on a daily basis.



Flaneurz introduces Capsule F on 22 February 2017 in 15 units. A launching event is organized for this occasion in Paris, at the C.O.Q Hotel "Community Of Quality".
Each pair of the capsule is numbered by hand by a marking "limited ed" on the inner eyelet , with sneakers special paint and is accompanied by a collector prêt-à-porter collection (sweatshirt, T-shirt, totebag).


AF1 fluo strip F1/15

Sweat capsule F

Ph : Amédeo Abello



The first step is the most meticulous: the leather treatment which allows impermeability of the shoe, inter alia. Three Fluo paint layers of interspersed with drying time of few hours, brightened the Nike Air Force One White. Each part of the sneaker is treated with different additives depending on the material: the "back logo", the "superior scratch logo", the AIR on the midsole, the lining and the inner leash.

Products used:

Pre-outer layer: Angelus Leather - Pres and Deglazer
Shoes and Footwear: Angelus Neon Tropic Sun Yellow Paint



During his artist residency in Venice, Amedeo Abello led a project "Post Cards from a ghetto", to sublimate the mainstream postcards of the Serenissima. This technique, mastered to highlight the forgotten beauty, catches the eye with the DMC Fluo sewn with special curves leather needles. The laces allows a continuity of the Fluo line on the upper of the shoes.

 Amédeo is sewing the AF1 fluo

Ph : Amédeo Abello



Roll Line, an italian worldwide leader brand in the of artistic skating field, made a prominent entrance in the  roller derby world. Roll Line Products are the result of many years spent in research and development. Roll Line equips Flaneurz Premium serie products.

The plate is performing, ideal for technical and demanding sporty skating.

The reactive wheels are chosen to skate on any type of surface: indoor and outdoor.

Roll Line Variant plate is in black anodized aluminum with 8mm trucks - Entraxe: 130 to 180 mm - Front toe stop and cushion in elastomer.

Roll Line Helium exclusive wheels x Flaneurz (82A revive wheel - Dimension: Diameter 64 mm x Width 33 mm)

Wheels in urethane with plastic injected rim.



An event was organized to launch Capsule F in Paris, at the C.O.Q Hotel "Community Of Quality", a warm and singular place that promotes made in France.

Flaneurz’ Clique had the opportunity to welcome journalists, bloggers, partners and to present them Capsule F.

Amedeo Abello told the genesis of this capsule, his approach... He described the various stages to customize every shoe, allowing each one to realize the accuracy to give to sublimate Nike Air Force One.

 Flaneurz x COQ Hotel

Les co-fondateurs pendant la présentation de la capsule fluo

 Ph : Agnès Gardelle


A collection which reflects Flaneurz' Clique, fun and dynamic ! and we hope you will like it as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you skating on Capsule F.

So do not take too long, it is a LIMITED EDITION OF 15 UNITS!



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