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Blog - How to personalize my custom roller skate?

How to personalize my custom roller skate?
By Mathieu 6/26/2019 9:00 AM

In order to always be closer to your desires and expectations, we bring to your rolling part a new option. Whether you prefer a monochrome or colored skates, we now offer the “Personalization” option for all Ready-to-Roll pack purchase.




Your roller skates personalization project starts here! You found the shoes that suit you, you just have to choose your different options to turn them into detachable skates. Rolling part is your future equipment basis, it is the support that will accommodate your transformed shoes. It’s up to you to select the one that correspond to your practice, from the following three ranges


Dedicated to beginners or people rediscovering skate practice, this range offers discretion and sobriety in your daily travels. Plate is available in black to match all your shoes and clothing styles.





Its strength is its lightness and comfort, providing a perfect sliding sensation. Whether you choose it in monochrome black or white, your plate serves as a safe bet to accompany all your shoes pairs equipped with Flaneurz system.





This is the most precise and technical range. It is ideal for expert and a technical practice. Designed in aluminium with a natural grey color or in black, this plate is elegant and sober.








You will always have the monochrome rolling part choice. However, if you have the desire to design a unique rolling part, we offer roller personalization. Like no other, your skates are a perfect match for your shoes. 

By choosing roller skates personalization, you choose:


The liseré is the coloured line of your frame. This component, made of PVC, is available in 8 colours: black - white - lemon yellow - gold yellow - green - blue - red - grey


By personalizing your skates, you have the possibility to choose from all our wheels collections.

First: With a medium hardness (80A) and with the largest diameter in our range (34mm), First wheels are available exclusively in black.

Kryptonics Impulse: Available in blue, purple, pink, red, red, white, black, green and translucent, these wheels are known as " soft " with their 78A hardness. They have a classic 33mm wide width.

Roll Line Helium X Flaneurz: These are the hardest wheels in our collection (82A), while having a classic width of 33mm. You can find them in black, white and fluorescent yellow.



/Front toe stop
The basic element on all roller skates, the color choice is up to you. With your First range, you will have a grey toe stop. Sure Grip Carrera toe stop are available in white or black. With their imperial US thread, they fit perfectly with your Iconic plate. For your Premium plate, you will choose the Roll Line toe stop and their ISO threads, available in 7 colours: red - pink - white - grey - grey - blue - brown - cappuccino.

When placing your order, choose the “Personalization” option to be the your skate designer. A Flaneurz team member will contact you to find out about your configuration choices. Feel free to write us so that we can discuss about your project together.

To discover the Clique’s roller skates personalization, we invite you to browse that #Flaneurzcustom. And you, what will your unique rolling part look like?

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