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Our savoir-faire
By Flaneurz 12/12/2016 4:58 PM

The workshop :

Our Skatelab is located at La Courneuve (Seine Saint Denis). We work there every day in order to deliver a product which answer to your expectations. Every single pair of skates is made (one by one) by hand (more than 3 hours of work and 6 machines are necessary to produce a pair).

This include the component assembly (30 min on the rolling part, 30 min on the rolling chassis, the shoes transformation (1h30), the quality control (20 min) and the packaging (15min).

To understand the selling price of every product, you have, in addition to the time spent, the acquisition cost of every component : the pair of shoes, the 2 plates, the 8 wheels and the 16 bearings. Knowing that the materials we chose are high quality. More than a manufacturing workshop, we imagine our collection, our communication campaigns and elaborate our development strategies happily with on wheelz on !
Chassis spare parts
The On wheelz system :

After 2 years of R&D and 7 prototypes, On Wheelz is a mechanical system patented. It is made up of 20 pieces realized in France. Approved by our podiatrist collaborator and shoemakers, our On Wheelz system has also been tested by rollerskate professionals. For making it we surround ourselves with collaborators of quality such as :

  • Sidas, a french company created in 1975, producing soles provided to many podiatrists as raw material.

  • Emporte pièce des Marais, a french company, created in 1982, is a manufacturer of punch at steel.

  • 3M, an american company created in 1902, using science in a collaborative way to make everyday life better.

The On Wheelz system’ steel pieces are produced in Vendée, the clip out key and the spring in Haute-Alpes. Plastic pieces in the Cher. This show our desire to supply a 100% french-made system.


stick chassis

The rolling part :

Every single pieces is selected with great care in order to offer you the best quality. We work with leader enterprises in rollerskate components. Flaneurz surrounds itself with market leading companies in rollerskate components :

  • Roll Line, an italian worldwide leader brand in the field of artistic roller, which is making a very much noticed start in the world of roller derby for more than 15 years.

  • Sure Grip, a californian brand, created in 1937 and a roller quad specialist.

  • Kryptonics, an american company which was created in 1965 and revolutionized the world of skateboard wheels and then rollerskating itself.

A part of the operations is also subcontract in a ESAT (enterprise employing disabled workers notably located in the 93) creating, perpetuating in this way jobs in an indirect manner.


Screw nuts chassis