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Blog - What You Want Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

What You Want Spring-Summer 2020 Collection
By Simon 4/16/2020 7:00 PM

Embrace your destiny

While Paris is waking up, seasonal storm, our flâneurs are on the move ready to blend with the Parisian spleen. Have you seen them? Full of boldness, they stand out for their ideas.

Experience your new freedom for a neighborhood life or discover a metropolis as an essential return to the obviousness. Everyday life is offering a new adventure, your difference are challenging  and you are playing with it. Recognize and claim your unique identity. 

A colourful mosaic, from the dusk blue till the dawn red, time is suspending and life is printing in colour. Flaneurz changes the city for you.


Soft spring breeze, first rays of sunshine and seasonal cocktails :  spring is just around the corner. Your new resolutions will be bathed in sunshine. Take a leap with your Flaneurz pair. 

The new collection is here! Assert your personality and "do what you want" with your detachable skates in summer. Embrace your destiny, thanks to one of our four models. Available in Change your shoes and Ready-to-Roll , you can equip them with our three ranges: First, Iconic and Premium. In order to live the full experience, you have the choice to personalise your rolling parts: from the colour of the edging, to the colour of the wheels, front stops or plates, create what you want. 

Discover the models that will accompany you all summer long, and even afterwards. 



The Veja brand was created in 2004. It shines by its commitment: natural materials, ethical manufacturing and transparency. The brand has relied on the use of raw materials from organic and agro-ecological agriculture, as well as on commercial partnerships in order to limit its environmental impact.  It is through its sneakers borrowed from the world of the 80s’ volleyball that it offers an ecological alternative which matches with new challenges.

The two models of Veja V-10 that we have chosen for you meet the codes of luxury. These shoes, top-of-the-range, offer a superior quality thanks to their materials. Discover it in Leather Extra White to embellish each of your outfits or in Suede - Multico Natural Rose as a chic but striking detail. Both models are perfect for roller skating in the summer.


In 1978, the famous Vans SK8-Hi was born, inspired by the emblematic Vans model: the Old Skool. It retains the iconic sideband that has become the brand's signature. The SK8-Hi is a model conceived and designed for skateboarding. It is made in a resistant canvas and has a padded collar that allows the sneaker to fit and hold the ankle. 

We have chosen a vegan model for this season. Attentive to your wish to acquire detachable skates using non-animal materials, this flagship model will meet your expectations.



The Nike Ebernon takes all the classic basketball models codes of the 80s, from comfort to its unique look. Its sole technology allows a real grip on the ground. This model is pleasant to wear on a daily basis. Its visible seams and side inserts are a nod to the retro design of the original models. Lightweight, it is the perfect companion for your roller skates trips in summer.

We are eager to share each of your new adventures on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok). Sweet rays of sunshine to you! 

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Flaneurz, it changes the city for you.


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