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Blog - Jean-Marc Gravier: an historical ambassador

Jean-Marc Gravier: an historical ambassador
By Mathieu 3/15/2019 12:00 PM

Roller skating instructor, event creator and dancer, Jean-Marc Gravier, has a strong experience in the skate world. He follows Flaneurz concept development since the project genesis and offers his expertise to the Clique.

With Chloé and Poupa, he is one of the emblematic Flaneurz ambassadors.


Roller dance show by SkateXpressv

 © SkateXpress




/Can you introduce yourself and explain your connection with roller skating?

I am passionate about roller skating since childhood. It’s my job too. I started out as a professional skater for prestigious brands such as Tecnica and Rollerblade. I focus on 3 main activities:

  • Teaching

This is my core business. I coach people aged from 3 to more than 70 years old, whether they are beginners, advanced or with a disability. I train in roller dance practice and urban skating, in inline or quad skate. The French Skating Federation asked me prepare the next instructors by developing a training methodology.

  • Artistic production

In 2011, I created Skatexpress crew, which brings together skaters from all backgrounds: circus artists, dancers or passionate skaters. We perform in France and Europe with artistic shows from 2 to 3 minutes. We are lucky to be assisted in our shows by the only brass band with roller skate: Roller Brass Brand. Such as the Miss'ile team, our goal is to become a professional organization.

  • Events creation

I develop festive projects such as Paris Onwheelz Festival, in which Flaneurz took part in 2017. Skaters are reunited around their passion. The objective is to federate this community, to promote roller skating and especially roller dance. We often compare ourselves to Skate Love Barcelona, the biggest roller dance event in the world.




/How did you heard about Flaneurz?

I am intimately related to the Clique. Florian contacted me because he was looking for skaters to practice roller dance. He finally joined our Skatexpress crew. Laurence Sabas, one of my inspiration for roller dance, is a group member and a Flaneurz ambassador too. There is a real connection between us. When the removable skates concept  became a reality under Florian impulse, I expressed my interest for this project. I became one of the first Flaneurz ambassadors. 

Florian and I are namesake and have the same passion for roller dance, but without being from the same family.


/What’s your mission as ambassador?

I promote roller skating as an intermodal urban travel mean. I consider myself as a "gangster" because I try to roll everywhere. I only clip out when I get a warning because it's forbidden. I like seeing  reactions when I separate my shoe from the rolling part.

Before being an ambassador, I am also a beta tester such as Poupa. I am involved in Flaneurz’ products development. I  hardly tested the first prototypes with my intensive practice: almost 30 hours per week. Now, Flaneurz products have reached maturity. Even if there is normal shoe wear and tear, the system and the rolling part are intact.


/What do you like in this concept?

I still have my JB skating boots and I have to admit that my feet hurt. With my Nike Air Force One, I am like in slippers while keeping a perfect ankle stability. For my roller dance practice, I can do technical movements while having a "smooth" style. I also perform some unrealizable figures in boots.

When I was younger, I didn't have shoe at home because I was rolling all day long with my skates. All skaters are dreaming to separate their shoes from their roller skates. I have black and white Nike Air Force One shoes, Doc Martens Newton, Veja V-10 and Jordan 1. I've never been so trendy. Flaneurz has changed the way I consider roller skating.


/Would you like to talk about a specific subject?

I would like to talk about Flaneurz prices. Quality is expensive. Entry-level brands offer accessible skates. They don’t last in time. They offer a uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling of skating, due to their poor quality. As an instructor, I would add that there is injuries possibility. It is important to invest for your safety. Flaneurz skates have the same prices as top-of-the-range skates but they have the benefit of being detachable and innovative. So, they are not too expensive for me. Below 200 euros, I consider the product as a toy reserved for a occasional practice.


SkateXpress members at Reebok Megastore

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To meet Jean Marc, follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), you will also find out about On Wheelz festival program, dedicated to roller dance... and even more!


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