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Blog - World champion ambassador profile: Alexis Contin

World champion ambassador profile: Alexis Contin
By Mathieu 3/12/2019 12:00 PM

Our ambassadors community is growing. After introducing to Najete Kada, French champion in artistic skating, we are pleased to welcome Alexis Contin, speed world champion and ice speed Olympic athlete.

To become a top-level athlete, you need to combine your passion with the desire to surpass yourself.




/Can you tell us about your career history?

I skate since my childhood. More than a sport, it is a real passion. The desire to go faster and the confrontation with other skaters pushed me to a professional career. I had the opportunity to spend 15 years of my life looking for excellence.

I am a 12-time world champion in speed skating. At the same time, I won 3 world medals in ice speed skating and finished 4th at the Olympic Games. The most important lesson I have learned from this career is the need to fully embrace his objectives. I think the sport beauty is in the personal commitment intensity.


/What are the differences/commonalities between ice skating and skating?

The physical qualities needed and the sliding sensations are almost the same, even if the inter-axis distance is different from one sport to another. In equipment terms, we will find a similarity with shoes molded to the athlete feet and also carbon in the skates design for both disciplines too. This material is better thanks to its lightweight. It would be interesting for Flaneurz to develop a Premium rolling part with this composite. However, the race between the two sports is very different: ice skating is based on timed races and a higher effort management level than skating.


Short track contest with Alexis Contin

  © Facebook - Alexis Contin




/How did you discover Flaneurz? What do you like about the concept?

I discovered Flaneurz, while looking for a mobility solution on internet. My school dreams came true! For years, I dreamed of going home on wheels. Travelling to school with a shoes pair in the backpack is not easy, as keeping a skates pair in the classroom. I like this concept because it is simple. I jump off the train, I clip on my rolling part and clip out when I arrive to my office. It's funny because no one notices I'm coming with roller skates. Moreover, my Lacoste pair is perfect for my daily practice.


/Being an ambassador, what it represents for you?

I thought skating with Flaneurz, will change my daily life. It’s better, I renew with sport and pleasure. For a long time, skating have been my job. Move easily in my daily life with Flaneurz has changed my vision.


/What’s your feeling since you became a flâneur?

Taking in hand is really easy. I use my Flaneurz when the weather is nice for my urban travel. For my custom, I choose a Lacoste pair, one of my sponsors. The result is wonderful! Lot of people can’t believe that my shoes became my best means of transport.


/How do you see the skating future?

It's difficult to answer. Skate world follows cyclical development periods. I think that the public attraction for effective green mobility solutions, will allow a new development cycle. The skating integration into the Olympic programme would be a real added value, but these political decisions are not easy to apply.


Alexis Contin during his training

  © Facebook - Alexis Contin


The flâneur community is growing and we are enthusiastic to welcome a world champion as ambassador, with the same Clique values: chasing excellence with our product quality.

The Flaneurz Clique thanks Alexis for his availability. You can comment and ask your question to him below this article. Follow us on social media (Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin) to still share our passion with the community.

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