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Blog - Sarah Love, an iconic roller derby player and Flaneurz ambassador

Sarah Love, an iconic roller derby player and Flaneurz ambassador
By Simon 5/27/2020 10:00 AM

It was under the Australian sun that Sarah Love became an iconic roller derby player proudly wearing her country's colours. A devouring passion, hours of training and several medals later, she agreed to answer our questions: a pretext to discover her beautiful career.

/Sarah, can you introduce yourself to our Clique,  as a person and as a skater?

Hello I am Sarah Love, I have been in love with roller skating all my life. I tried my first pair on at 4 years old and wore them instead of shoes for a lot of my childhood. I always played in roller skate or roller blades as a child and teen, but did not have any training in skating till I discovered roller derby.

/You play for the Australian National Derby Team. Can you tell us about your passion for this sport? Why did you choose this specialty?

I have always loved skating, but I stopped doing it as an adult. That is until I discovered the magical world that exists in the roller derby community. There I was surrounded by adults of all ages roller skating together. I also discovered I was very good at it. And I became very passionate, trained very hard and had the honour to represent my country, and also to play in division 1 for VRDL.

/What is your best memory of competition? Can you tell us about your achievements

I’ve had an amazing roller derby career. I’ve got a great collection of medals that includes each colour playing division 1 roller derby and such amazing stories and experiences to tell with each one.

We even won gold with VRDL Allstars at the WFTDA Championships in 2017 (biggest championship in division 1 roller derby).  My best memory was the World Cup final 2018. It was an amazing game, against an amazingly talented team USA. It was very close, the fans were on fire, so much energy in that stadium! And I just love playing a really hard fought game, where every moment counts, each point, each jam and each high five is precious. 


/Do you use your Flaneurz on a daily basis? If so, in what way?

I love my flaneurz, they’re such a comfortable and fashionable way to skate. And I love that they make it so easy to skate everywhere. I also love the smile on people’s faces when they see my sneaker skates, I don’t know why, but they make people smile every time. 


/Lastly, do you have any advice to give to someone who would not dare to have a go at skating?

Skating is like flying, the feeling is amazing. 

People are too afraid to fall, that’s why they won’t try. But I’m too afraid of missing out on the most wonderful things in life, so I chose to skate. 

Feel free to follow Sarah on all her social networks such as Instagram  and Tik Tok.

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