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Blog - Tinuke - Roller disco ambassador

Tinuke - Roller disco ambassador
By Léa 9/25/2019 10:00 AM

Dancer, quad skating instructor and events creator in her company, Play Tone, Tinuke spends her life spreading good vibes in London skate world.

She joins our ambassadors and bring her sparkling touch in the Flaneurz influence through the world. 




/Can you talk about your skating passion and about your disciplines?


I originally trained as a professional dancer in London. However, I started off my skating journey in a show called “Starlight Express 2015”. It’s basically an all 80’s style glitter bomb musical all on roller skates! They trained us up in a skate school, everyday for 4 months to 9am from 6pm. It was insane in so many ways. My feet were ruined with blisters, my legs got stronger than a bodybuilder but mainly I just couldn’t believe how fun it was and that I had never done it before. Skating instantly stole my heart as it felt like flying! I trained in ramps, speed skating and full on dance choreography on roller skates. It was my dream job and I stayed for a year and a half. 

After this I knew I wanted to continue skating. I came back to London and started spending a lot of time at roller discos. Training with London skaters in jam skating and building on my skills.


© Tinuke


/How did you successfully combine your passion and your career?


I also trained as an circus performer. I always knew I wanted to earn my living by combining my roller skating with my circus skills and I also love to perform. 

I went away and worked on combining my aerial circus skills and hulahooping to create various different routines and push myself to the limits. I have now performed jam/dance roller skating, aerial roller skating and roller hoop worldwide, from live Tv, arena shows, cabaret, music videos to commercials. One of my biggest achievements was getting into a Sky mobile commercial! I also performed into a Jason Derulo music video. It’s so amazing to be able to travel with your passion and it’s safe to say roller skating has changed my life for the better 

I have also turned my passion into a career by opening my company PLAY TONE with my partner in 2018. PLAY TONE is an alternative fitness playground. Roller skate, hula hoop, jump rope and stretch classes, courses, workshops and events are our specialty.it's for all ages, all levels, everyone is welcome.

Whenever I am not performing I am working full time on PLAY TONE teaching and holding the company together behind the scenes.






/How did you heard about Flaneurz? What do you like in this concept?


I heard about Flaneurz when I was actually only starting off with skating. I knew it was something special. Being a performer I am a big fashionista, especially when it comes to roller skating, so I have always loved the style that comes with Flaneurz. It gives me a chance to express my personality and change my look whenever I feel like it!


/In your daily life, how do you use your Flaneurz?


My Flaneurz are my party skates. I’ve customised them with light up wheels and funky laces so that they look amazing when I’m filing my routines and taking photos on my travels. They come everywhere with me. They are my ultimate fashion accessory. I even wear the trainers alone a daily basis.


© Tinuke


/How do you see the skating future?


I want skating to be accessible for everyone. Roller skating gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner child and find joy and play in your day. That’s why I opened PLAY TONE so that I could empower and encourage the whole world to pick up a pair of skates. Ideally there would be skate paths on the roads not bicycle paths!


/Would you like to talk about a specific subject?


At PLAY TONE, we are trying take skating to the whole nation and beyond. We are raising funds to buy, refurbish and kit out the ultimate travelling disco van. From disco lights, new equipment, sound system to petrol. We are officially ready to hit the road for a serious pop up makeover! 

It will be the UK’s first disco travelling playground. 

We are on a mission to tour the nation in disco style and empower communities of all ages and abilities to unleash their inner child, with hula hooping, roller skating, jump rope and other alternative fitness activities. We have decided to take the company on the road of summer 2020. With this van, we will be able to bring PLAY TONE to a basketball court, park, roller disco or school who haven't already experienced the joy of PLAY TONEIf the mountain won’t come to PLAY TONE then PLAY TONE must go to the mountain! 

To follow and help this crowdfunding campaign to help spread the skating fever. They are running the crowdfunder campaign 12oct - 17th nov 2019.


© Tinuke


If you want to discover Tinuke’s world and her work at PLAY TONE, you can follow her on social media: @tinukes_orbit & @playtone_uk.

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