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Blog - Change your shoes - Adapt your style to your desires

Change your shoes - Adapt your style to your desires
By Flaneurz 6/30/2017 5:12 PM

Clic. The sun arises, the flâneur stretches, the city wakes up. The shadows escape the facades, the roller skates sound rolls on the pavement.
Clac. The orange street light, the freshness of the night, a red dress escorts the wind in its race.
Clic. One ambiance, one atmosphere, one pair of shoes.
Clac. Everything changes.
Clic. A pair of Stan Smith. Clac. Your little black shoes.

Feel free to choose in which world you’re gonna spend your day… Or your night.

Have you ever dreamt of you roller skating with your favorite shoes? “Change your shoes” makes it true. After getting your first Flaneurz pair, be free to clip on several pairs of shoes on your rolling part!
Adapt your style to your desires. 




Order transformed shoes from our collections to clip them on your rolling part:




Adapt your style to your desire. With Custom offer, it's your tastes and desires that speak: send your own shoes, Flaneurz tranform them.

The pair you want to transform has to meet specific requirements :



New shoes (unworn outdoor)
Flat sole made in rubber material
Minimum sole thickness: 7,0 mm in the front, 13,0 mm in the back
Sole's bump must not exceed 5mm depth with the ground contact area
Shoe tongue must be able to allow access to the shoes internal front part



Shoes must allow a good heel support during the walking movement
Shoes can be low



The pairs of shoes comfort and ergonomics that will become detachable rollerskates is one of the main Flaneurz quality approach. It's therefore important to know how to choose your shoe. In case of doubt, we recommend you go to the physical store to try different models and shoes size. 

Warning: some non-scrupulous websites sell counterfeit pair of shoes. Our technical team may not accept the transformation in this case.


In order to help you with your choice, the Flaneurz team invites you to follow these few additional advices. The most appropriate shoes to be transformed are sneakers, tennis shoes, reeditions of iconic sneakers and some city shoes that meet the requirements. When you buy your pair, make sure that it does not contain steel shank (the shank is a rigid part of the sole, near the foot arch, often found in leather town shoes).
For more comfort and safety during your rollerskating stroll, try to opt for high top and rigid shoes that maintain your foot well, especially if you have fragile ankles. We advise you not to choose running shoes.
We also advise you to avoid shoes with a too technical sole, irregular or curved at the front and at the back, or with a visible air system.


The "Change your shoes" buying process is:

/On the offer page, put the size of the shoe you want to have transformed.
/Put the serial number of the rolling part you already own (hit under your right rolling part or written on your user guide last page)
/Enter a URL link so that the technical team can visualize your new model.
/Proceed to payment.
/When the Flaneurz' technical team validates the picture, send your pair to our address that we will give you.
/At reception of your shoes, the technical team makes a last validation (the pair goes through a metal detector, and is measured precisely) before transforming it.
/Flaneurz sends your order to you.


“Change your shoes”... Flaneurz customers were impatiently waiting for it. What about you?


“It’s truly a matter of style! I would love having half of my shoes transformed, it would allow me to “accessorize myself” any time I have different situations or events. I have not waited for the worn out of my Flaneurz Reebok Ex-O-Fit to order a second pair. They are almost new. This is really to have an additional pair to choose.” Clément R. 

“I was only waiting for this offer to be released! By the way I sent you 2 days ago an email with the design of the new shoes that I would like to have transformed! I hope that I will have them soon!” Jean Louis A.

Your faces, personalities, travels, discoveries are our inspiration. Your roller skates reflect your story. Let’s continue writing it together!


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