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Meeting Chloé Ambassador Premium
By Flaneurz 6/16/2016 3:10 PM

Before commercializing the Flaneurz clip-on rollerskate, it was important for us that they'd been tested by skaters chosen by us. Those beta­testeur are leisure or professional skaters, their shoe sizes going from 4 to 13. We chose, a boy and a girl playing for the French Roller derby team, great roller dancers, skilled skaters all-rounder skaters and a 12 years old miss... This stage was essential for validation of our the products, their reliability, their comfort and their ease of use..

Now, let's present our great team of Beta testers.

To start with, here is Chloé Seyres, aka Kozmic Bruise. Roller skating is essential to her. She has been closely following our project from the very beginning and we are proud to call her one of our 7 beta­testers. Chloé left the Flaneurz workshop with a smile on her face and a paire of Flaneurz Premium Air Force One at her feet. A few months later we asked her to introduce herself and give us her feedback about her Premium Air Force 1:

Premium / NIKE Air Force 1 Black


What skating discipline(s) do you practice?

I’ve been playing derby for 5 years and I’d practiced freestyle slalom on inlines for 10 years before that, both as a competitor. On the side, I also love a little skatepark, freeskate, and roller dance, on quads and inlines.

Tell us more about your choice of practices?

After a long career in freestyle, I felt like having a go at derby: I went from a very technical and creative individual practice on inline skates, to a performance team sport on quads, to get new sensations and discover another way of approaching sport. I started rollerdance around the same time (even if I’d love to have the time to dance more), to keep this creative and personal dimension that I kind of miss a little in derby.

chloé figure in water black and white


Ph : Julie Bruhier


Is your job related to your practice of skating? Why?

I started my job, translator, within the world of skating, doing reports of freestyle events in both French and English versions for, then in translating technical sheets, equipment tests and event reviews for online- I’ve resumed my studies to become a qualified translator, and I’m finishing a Masters degree in literary translation, which should open me more opportunities in the translation world. By the way, my first contract is on a comic book about roller derby... Skating’s never really far!

Did you get any titles, certifications?

I won several times the World, European and French championships of freestyle slalom skating in different disciplines (classic, battle, and speed) and I was world number 1 in both freestyle and speed for 2-­3 years.
In Derby, I’m part of the French Team and I had the chance to take part in the two first world cups, in 2011 in Toronto and in 2014 in Dallas. We also won the European tournament in 2014.

I passed the instructor certification level 1 in my early years of skating, which enabled me to run slalom classes in various clubs for 7 years. I also did some derby coaching (and still today, but more occasionally), mainly agility, within my leagues or on bootcamps.

Last but not least, I’m also a certified international freestyle judge and I had the honor of judging a lot of competitions throughout the world, including 4 world championships! I played a good role in the updating and writing of the current WSSA rules, as a member of the international technical committee.

Where does your passion come from?

I always did some roller skating when I was a kid, but I had the revelation one day in witnessing a slalom demo. I was 13 at the time. Before, I had spent 2 years doing ramp skating on the docks of Bordeaux. I took up slaloming (with detachable skate, btw! which I replaced real quick) because I fell in love with the challenge of coordination and moves creation, the pure technique of it.
Skating also made me discover what independence and freedom were like. Being able to go wherever you want, skating whenever you want, with whomever you want. Wanna go for a ride? Just put on your skates and off you go.

For which situation(s) do you use your Flaneurz?

I use them for street skating. It’s particularly handy to switch from one mode of transport to another (skates, public transportation). It’s my go­to pair to go grocery shopping and go out at night without having to lug my skates around.

How often do you use them? Daily, weekly, monthly?

I use them daily, several times a week according to the mood of the day.

How comfortable are the Flaneurz for walking and for skating?

The boots of the clip-on Flaneurz are real sneakers, I don’t feel any difference with my other pairs of shoes.

The Flaneurz are very comfortable for skating. The outsole of the shoes being thick, it’s rigid enough to be reactive. To be honest, I don’t even bother lacing them, I just tighten up the ankle strap.
There’s no play between the plate and the shoe, it’s sturdy, and you trust them when you have to speed up, make a sharp direction change, or switch from road to sidewalk.

Did you meet any difficulties for clipsing and unclipsing?

It comes quite fast. I didn’t need much time to get the hang of it. It’s always a bit more acrobatic to clip the second plate, but with a little training, you’ll make it!
To unclip, I pull out the heel and then pivot the plate to the side to unlock the front hook, that’s way easier than trying to take the plate off following the same line as your foot.

What is the biggest advantage of the Flaneurz today?

The main advantage of the Flaneurz is their hybrid status and the fact that the concept is optimal for both uses, skating and walking. And that’s a real first: I know what I’m talking about, I’ve tried a few detachable skates already!


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