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Blog - Poupa - Iconic ambassador

Poupa - Iconic ambassador
By Mathieu 10/26/2018 10:00 AM

Flaneurz is a young brand offering an innovative mobility solution. Our activities development is our main ambitions. To do this, we work with our ambassadors to anticipate your own needs and demands. We are honoring Poupa, roller skater since childhood and emblematic figure in the French skating world.

Poupa is a self-taught and multidisciplinary skater who was the French roller derby team jammer and then coach of parisian roller derby team Lutèce Destroyeuses. With his daily use, Poupa is the perfect ambassador to convey his passion for roller skating and share loafers universe.


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/Tell us more about you, how was this rollerskate passion born?

I discovered this sport when my parents bought my first roller quad pair in my childhood. I remember I could take my pair to school. We were skating with my friend  during breaks. Growing up, I continued practicing by going roller skating after class. I was even lucky to have a ramp near my home!

Now, I practice several disciplines like derby, street, park.I also do regular hiking and recently I started roller dance. That’s what I like about rollerskate, being able to go from one discipline to another.


/You regularly teach skating lessons, what advice do you give to start roller skate?

Everything will depend on person age. For example, I advise people who have spent their thirties to take some lessons with someone experienced, through a club or association, to avoid any injury risks. It will also help to stay motivated, because it’s a bit longer to learn a sport like roller skating if you are not a children anymore, without injury fears.

Otherwise, the best advice I can give is to practice!


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/How to combine roller skating and urban travel on a daily life?

Many people use rollers for their daily trips such as going to work. On the contrary, I prefer to keep my rollers for leisure. That is to say that it allows me to skate without constraints, to go from one spot to another and to be able to clip or unclip my rolling part according to my desires.


/What does it mean for you to be Flaneurz ambassador?

First of all, it’s an opportunity! When Florian proposed me to become Flaneurz ambassador, I said yes. It allowed me to take part in an innovative project and to make enriching meetings.

In addition, being able to try the Flaneurz novelties and test various montages is something unique. Thanks to my ambassador role, I feel invested in start-up development. For example, I recently tested a grinder mount on my Top Ten rolling part for skatepark.



© Pierre Mouton


Present at our events such as Roller Week or our collaboration with Reebok Classic for our new Capsule collection release, Poupa accompanies in your first moment on roller skates. Many of you have already benefited from his precious advices and have been able to skate on his side.

Our ambassadors represent our values and are an integral part of Flaneurz Clique to make the urban movement on wheels better every day. You can find our various events with Poupa on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Flaneurz on feet, there is no more limit to roller skating practice. 

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