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Flaneurz in Barcelona
By Maëlle 4/23/2018 6:00 PM

Flaneurz was in Barcelona alongside French roller-derby  team which battled the Man’s World Title at the National Physical Education Institute from Thursday 5 to Sunday 7 of April: it was the opportunity  to discover and to try “Ready-to-Roll” collection roller skates.


We were pleased to support the French team from our place, located just above the principal track. There was a panoramic view on matches.

First days were dedicated to group matches, and next one to quarters final. 25 national teams were present, and French team won the 4th place after Australia, England, and USA winner of the title.

Roller derby players  from all over the world, clipped on and out our roller skates. Where does this international notoriety come from? Our goal of 30 000€ during our kickstarter campaign, has increased in less than 8 hours. Filipino, Europeans and Japaneses were numerous and they knew Flaneurz by our e-shop. Nevertheless, they were surprised by the simplicity and practicality of our mechanical system incorporated in Ready to roll shoes soles.

Players enjoy Roll-Line, one of our suppliers and stand-neighbors during the competition. The italian brand is the worldwide leader in the figure skating, and well knowned in roller derby too. Roll-Line supplies our principal components for the Premium range, and it allows an intensive, ambitious, and technical practice. Plates are precise and robust, and wheels are selected for there reactivity. Flaneurz presents a really seductive and efficient option for urban mobility.


© Clément Thiéry


Roller-derby is played inside on a track. Two teams of 5 players are fighting during 2 halftimes of 30 minutes. These two periods are separated into times of 2 minutes maximum called “Jam”. A team is composed of a 4 blocker pack and one jammer identifiable by the star on his helmet. The jammer scores points for his team crossing the opposite team. The jammer who crosses the pack is called “Lead jammer” and he chooses when the jam ends. Derby is a sport which require agility, speed and strength.

There was a great ambiance, and several french people told us they move around  with Flaneurz roller skate: Samir (n°31) and Gato (n°322) with Nike Air Force One Premium, Spider-Biscote (n°17) with Adidas Top Ten Premium.

These two pair of shoes are the most popular to roller derby players. They use them in their daily life.

Flaneurz was in Barcelona and offered trying on the “Ready-to-oll” collection. The Flaneurz Nike Air Force One in Premium seduced people by its optimal comfort and support. Created as Nike Air Force One, for an intensive practice, the Adidas Top Ten has drawn attention of visitors. They are similar as the 70’ Adidas Americana and their vintage aspect has impressed the most passionate people.

We were also presenting Dr Martens Newton on our stand, destined to urban mobility. Brand’s fans enjoyed the ease of the Dr Martens pair, associated with the Flaneurz expertise.


© Flaneurz


Visitors enjoyed trying on, clip on and clip-out of these pairs when Flaneurz was in Barcelona. You can find our models by visiting the e-shop, or come and visit us during open doors day of our Sk8lab ! Our newsletter will inform you about next meeting!

The next world cup will settle during july of 2020 in Saint Louis (Mississippi). Flaneurz is ready to repeat the experience (Women roller derby world cup, Play off…) and to be there at next roller derby events… See you soon!