Blog - Flaneurz Skate Club x Roule des Patins

Flaneurz Skate Club x Roule des Patins
By Flaneurz 10/26/2017 12:00 PM


Much as the Flaneurz Skate Club first chapter was part of a 5 stars luxury hotel, here this second occasion invested an old SNCF shed: a street-culture temple. At L’Aérosol, players in urban culture meet up in this place: graffiti artists, b-boys and roller-skater; some roller party are organized, but it’s the first time for Flaneurz.


At 7pm, first roller skaters are warming up and sliding among graffiti. The ambience is rising slowly, there is a crowd of people waiting for roller-skates renting. The workshop is orchestrated by Florian, Flaneurz co-founder.



© Flaneurz


At 9pm, a dancers circle appears. DJ DEE NASTY begin at turn tables (DJ DEE NASTY is the first French hip-hop artist. The “Grand Master” of Zulu nation in France assisted and accompanied many bands like Ministère AMER, Assassin or N.T.M.)


Music going along them, beginners are sliding around the skate rinks and the most talented are practicing in the middle of it to reproduce the workshop choreography they have learned.


© Cécile Lienhard


Flaneurz highlighted its clip-on skates collection too. “Iconique” and “Premium” ranges “Prêt à rouler” collection models are at the event’s heart, and the NO MATTER collection composed of: the Dr Martens Newton Black Temperley, the Dr Martens Newton Red Cherry, the Dr Martens Cavendish Black Temperley, the Fila Cage Mid Pale Mauve, the Fila Cage Mid Iceberg Green, and the Fila T1 Mid White.


Ambassadors, experts or curious people, Flaneurz was the focus of attention


© Cécile Lienhard


More than 650 participants, more than 200 roller-skate rentals, the second chapter of Flaneurz Skate Club is a success. For five hours, Flaneurz or roller on your feet, you have been riding and dancing, smile on your lips, and thus you have contributed to write another page of Flaneurz’s history.

After sleeping into the Renaissance hotel, taking train to the Aérosol, where will the third chapter of Flaneurz Skate Club be?