Blog - Inline skate or quad skate : Interview of a world skate champion

Inline skate or quad skate : Interview of a world skate champion
By Maëlle 5/7/2018 6:00 PM

Quad skate or inline skate, you're regularly asking us: what are differences quad inline skates? Can an inline skater practice quad skate easily? What are the most appropriate sports for each type of skates? Why does not Flaneurz produce inline clip on skates? Be informed about those two sorts of skates with the account of Maëliss Conan. She is the four times world freeride inline champion.

Maëliss Conan is 24 years, she is passionate about skating since more than 10 years:

I have started skating at the age of 10, because a skating club opened in my city. I’ve decided to try skating and at the end, my trainer asked me if I wanted to take part in the high level training practice. He told my mother that I have skills to take part in competitions.

Maëliss started training with inline skate, practicing free jump: “From the moment I have integrated the  skating club of Dragon Riders of Méry sur Oise, I have started competitions.”

Nowadays, she practices quad skate since she discovered  an old pair that had belonged to her aunt. Now, she rolls very regularly thanks to her pair of Flaneurz Reebok Freestyle.




Inline skating and quad skating do not require similars skills. Inline skating offers speed and easier propulsions. Quad skate is more reactive and easy to handle. According to Maëliss, there is not a type of skate which is easier to practice: “I think it is like skiing and snowboarding: the most difficult thing is to move on from a type of skate to another. Everything is reachable.” Such as with bicycle, riding a BMX is different than riding a racing bike, each practice does not require same skills. It takes a little time to get used of it.

Inline skate require strength and balance in legs and it requests knees. In line wheels create a lengthways stability. One difference inline quad is in balance: quad skate creates a lateral stability. Knees are less requested, and it prevents from pathologies, but for the same use of energy, you will have more speed with inline skate.

Shoes of inline skate and quad skate are differents: “We have a well-holded ankles because it is a shoes with a spoiler, a rigid or semi-rigid shell. In opposition, in quad skate shoes, the hold is lighter because the ankle is less requested. It is possible to skate with low cut shoes, the foot feels free without a loss of precision or balance.


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To Maëliss, most of skating disciplines can be practiced with inline and or quad skates. The ease of practice a discipline with a skate type depends on trainings and experiences.

Inline skate is more adapted to skate cross because it requires good front and back balance, and good propulsions. It is the same for races: inline skates have long plate which allows to be propulse easily. Quad skate requires more propulsion, you did not have to stop skating to keep your speed. “Thus, quad skate is so much used when sport request precision, such as rink hockey for example”. Finally, everything depend on comfort. For example, I have a friend in France team who practice free jump in roller quad.




You use to ask us why does Flaneurz do not produce inline clip on skates. We would like to recount the roller history and the clip on skate history too. The first roller skate known inventor of is a Belgian called John Joseph Merlin, he made prototypes of skates with metallic wheels in 1760. In 1789, Maximiliaan Van Lede invents a thing he called “land skate”, in the same way as ice skates but with wheels (inline! ). He is in the 1790 Almanach de Gotha of :

“M. Vanlede, a sculptor of Paris Academy, has invented skate he called land skates. Thanks to them we can run as far on the land of flat ground than on ice with ordinary skates.

30 years later, Petibled, a french mecanician invents a new prototypes of roller skate : it as a short-live success because of the weight and the lack of manageability. Roller skates with doubled wheels row (quad skate) are imagined in 1848 by Louis Legrand. He invented its for beginners because its offers a better stability for feet. It is a huge success because those roller skates were used during almost 30 years. First roller skates were inline, quad skates appeared almost one century later.

After 1863 roller skate universe is revolutionned by the invention of orientable roller skates, ball bearings, and skating rinks. Before this revolution, shoes were fixed to the plate with leather lashes. At the 20th century beginning, shoes are screwed to plates irremovably for better performance. Roller skating becomes really popular in 1920 and 1945 thanks to roller catch (future roller derby). Then in 1979 it developed all over the world, thanks to pastimes development, ecology transition, andthe roller skate trend launched in the United States after a skateboard production decline period.

Contemporary clip on skates appeared in 1990, developed by brands like Mojo and Salomon. Their skate design were to thread on and it was efficient, but it was to much sizeable during walk (this is due to the rigid structure which allows ankle hold for inline skate practice). Then, Hypno and Rossignol got into the market between 1990 and 2000 : Both made a clip on skate design, but their shoes were too much flexible for ridding and to much rigid and hot to walk comfortably.

Since 2010, Doop and Xsjado brands allows to ride inline and to walk with the same shoes. Designs are composed of a high frame for the ankle holding, it make them too much bulky for the everyday life


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Flaneurz does not make inline clip on skate. It is workable technically, but inline skates with classical sneakers would not be comfortable to ride: the ankle tension would be unbearable. Thus, classical sneakers could not be assembled with inline skate plates. Quad skates have a lateral stability which enables a lighter ankle holding. Quad skates could be adapted with everyday life shoes. Our desire is to produce esthetic roller skates which become fashion accessories. Our goal with Flaneurz clip on skates, is to offer nice and comfortable shoes to ride an walk.

Maëliss enjoyed the practicality of the clip on system: “Why am I attracted by Flaneurz brand? Style, then my Flaneurz roller skates allows me to ride everyday and to live my passion everyday too. I ride in my daily life with my pair of Flaneurz. With them, I only have to clip out plates, to put it in my bag or on my shoulders with the leash. I save time to go to the subway or to my work. In my universe, Flaneurz clip on skates are not well-known but most of people who know the product find it really nice. I even persuade one of my colleague to purchase a pair of Flaneurz.

Do you practice inline skate since a long time? Vary your roller customs/practice and discover quad skate thanks to practicality of Flaneurz clip on skates.

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