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Blog - Our savoir-faire

Our savoir-faire
By Laurie 8/7/2019 10:00 AM

It all starts with an idea: being able to clip rolling part onto any shoe. These wheels are removable to walk and roll as you like. In order to do this, we have developed and patented a mechanical system. You can stroll without limits thanks to our savoir-faire. Discover the Flaneurz production.




Our SkateLab (manufacturing workshop) is located in Seine-Saint-Denis, in La Courneuve close to Paris. Flaneurz Team works on a daily basis to offer a product that meets your expectations. All detachables skates are handmade, one by one. Six machines and two hours  are required for their production: 

/Rolling part assembly: 30 minutes
/Chassis creation: 20 minutes
/Shoes transformation: 45 minutes
/Quality test: 20 minutes


This Flaneurz production requires precision. Processes evolve thanks to Clique feedbacks. Your opinion is our first evolution source. 

In order to better understand Flaneurz selling price, it is necessary to take into account each high quality component cost:

/Two plates

/Eight wheels and sixteen bearings
/Mechanical system

Since a few months, our Skatelab has became a shop. By appointment, we take pleasure in showing  our workshop and revealing our detachables skates production backstage. You can come, test and acquire your Flaneurz. You are often surprised to discover our small production unit. Skatelab, in addition to being our Flaneurz fabrication workshop, is the place where all our collections, development strategies, communication campaigns and various projects are created too.




Three R&D years and seven prototypes were necessary for patented Flaneurz mechanical. Even today, continual improvement is at the heart of our approach.

We are perfecting our savoir-faire around this mechanical interface. Our expertise also extends to the shoes transformation. Mechanical system, “male” on your chassis and “female” in your sole, is composed of more than 20 parts designed in France. 

Approved by our podriatry and shoemaking partners, Flaneurz production also leads us to collaborate with quality service providers such as: 

/Sidas, French company, podological raw material supplier
/3M, American company, gluing leader

/Saint Gobain, French company, technical materials expert
/6 TPE, working with major manufacturers in aeronautics and rail sectors





You are often asked if it would be possible to offer a “Do It Yourself” kit to transform the shoes yourself. It’s not possible because the soles modification requires specialized works and specific machines.

Pre-positioning the “female” mechanical parts, transforming the shoes, then inserting the system is the time-consuming step. Each shoe is unique, requiring a specific treatment. For example, there may be a difference between the left and right shoe for the same pair.

This is why not all shoes are compatible with Flaneurz fabrication. As a reminder, the processing conditions are as follows: 

/New shoes (never worn outdoors)

/Flat rubber sole
/Minimum footing thickness: 7mm at the front and 13mm at the back
/Sole asperity must not exceed 5m between the area in contact with the ground
/Tongue that must be able to allow access to the inner shoes part

We only accept new shoes for a hygiene matter. It’s the main reason. Indeed, for 45 minutes, our teams handle your shoes. On the other hand, we cannot take the risk of working on a sole that has already started to get damaged.





During the three Flaneurz ranges development, we chose to work with companies that are leaders in their market and in the skates world. We would like to offer the best quality for your skating pleasures: 

/Roll Line, Italian brand, world-renowned for the quality of its equipment in artistic roller skate and roller derby field
/Sure Grip, Californian brand, specialized in quad roller skate equipment
/Kryptonics, American brand that has revolutionized quad wheels quality
/Rio Roller, a fast-growing British brand
/Luminous, French brand leading in the inline skate field

For each skating level, we offer a rolling part range, created thanks to our beta testers and ambassadors expertise.


Savoir-Faire acquires with experience. After three years, we take pleasure in doing our job to offer you quality skates. You (re)discover the quad skates pleasures, and we will continue to develop this product. 

What is your Flaneurz experience?
We are waiting for you on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to learn more about your practice.



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