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Blog - Which shoes pair for which sport?

Which shoes pair for which sport?
By Mathieu 9/24/2018 5:30 PM

Flaneurz concept aims to facilitate your journey and to introduce you to mobility on wheels. It can be complex to choose the ideal pair of shoes but we gonna give you advices.

This autumn-winter, we are offering you Ready-to-roll Custom, the opportunity to customize the pair that will captivate your attention.


 © Flaneurz 
Model: Fila Cage Green Iceberg / Iconic rolling part




If you want to transform one of your shoes with our Custom offers (Ready-to-roll or Change Your Shoes), some restrictions must be taken into consideration:

/The shoes must be new and unworm
/The sole must be flat, made of rubber material

/The sole minimum thickness: 7mm at the front and 13mm at the back
/The asperity of the sole must not exceed 5mm with the ground
/The tongue must allow the access to the internal part of the shoe


Warning: some non-scrupulous websites sell counterfeit pair of shoes. Our technical team may not accept the transformation in this case.


Some extra recommendations must be considered for an optimal comfort and support of your ankle:

/An instep support thanks to  stiff material/A strong heel reinforcement, for an optimal locking on the bottom of the shoe
/Quality shoelaces, which allow the feet to be well maintained during walking movement
/Visible air system in the sole is not compatible with Flaneurz system/The use of "quality" materials (leather or nubuck)


   © Flaneurz 
Modèle : Fila T1 Mid Blanc / Premium rolling part




Historically, roller skating has been practiced with a pair of high top shoes, as it provides better ankle support, which reduce the risk of injuries and offers an optimal comfort. However, the fashion trend of the 1980s made low shoes more fashionable (read Roller Skate in fashion).The Flaneurz Clique recommends you to buy high shoes, especially if your ankle is weak. Indeed, your pair of shoes become a sporting element. We advise you to try them before sending them to our Skatelab.


© Flaneurz 
Modèle : Reebok Shaq Attaq Black azur / Premium rolling part 


Whether you have a soft or aggressive skating style, it is essential to find the right shoes for your feet.


/Daily commute

All pairs of shoes can be used. For example, the SK8-Hi Vans (even if it is made of soft material) is highly popular during summer due to its lightweight. You can also choose a casual shoes such as a Doc Martens or a Fila Cage.


/Roller dance

This sport combines musical art and dance. The French people have the distinction of using sneakers for this discipline, unlike foreigners who are using boots in general. Laurence Sabas, our premium ambassador, uses a Nike Jordan pair, that she had transformed with the Change Your Shoes offer. Sports sneakers such as Air Jordan, Nike Air Force One are ideal for this sport.


 © Flaneurz 
Modèle : Air Jordan Retro 13 Gg / Premium rolling part


/Roller derby

Roller derby is a sport of engagement and contact. It imposes intense braking and high acceleration phases. Shoes are subject to high pressure. Therefore, we do not recommend to use Flaneurz shoes in this kind of intensive sport, except for an initiation. We suggest you, to ad some gaffer tape to protect the front of your shoe. You can also, such as Poupa, our Iconic Ambassador, get a pair of Top Ten to go to your derby training sessions.



This is probably the most gentle practice for your equipment. Any pair of shoes can be used. For long-distance rides, you will be aware to choose the right wheels.


 © Flaneurz 
Modèle : Adidas Top Ten / Iconic rolling part


/Rink hockey

Flaneurz shoes are not recommended for practicing Rink hockey. The risk of injury and/or damage to the equipment is high, as our products are not designed for competition.


/Jump and slalom

Jumping and slalom disciplines require a lot of ankle effort. To ensure optimal support, you can use the Converse Pro Leather, for example. 


 © Flaneurz 
Modèle : Vans Sk8-Hi Burgundy / Iconic rolling part



To slide or jump into a bowl, many pair of shoes can match with the skater's expectations. The most trained people of the community can use a Reebok Freestyle or Stan Smith shoes. Like the Chicks in Bowls, who practice freestyle in Vans, you can use this kind of shoes. However, be sure to choose those in leather with a scratch on the ankle. We recommend you once again to protect your pair of shoes with gaffer tape.


/Figure skating

We do not recommend Flaneurz shoes for this sport due to the high pressure during jumps and other figures. Najete Kada, 10 times French figure skating champion and Flaneurz ambassador, is practicing this sport with technical shoes but she is going to her training session with he Veja V-10 Nautico pair.


 © Flaneurz 
Modèle : Fila T1 Mid - Lemon Chrome / Premium rolling part


We recommend you to diversify your pair of shoes to match to your sport. Feel free to check our range product to imagine your future roller-skates. Let your desires be free and contact us to specify your choices.The community is inspired by your ideas and we are excited to discover your adventures on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

You are the flâneur, you are tomorrow.

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