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Blog - Part 2 / All the Team with step-in roller skate

Part 2 / All the Team with step-in roller skate
By Laurie 2/21/2019 6:00 PM

As you discovered in the first part, each Flaneurz Team member has a personal story with roller skate world. Whether for daily travel or occasionally, to dance or to ride around the city, step-in roller skate tell our story. 




You regularly ask us if Team members are equipped with Flaneurz, if we  have a different use of our step-in roller skate. Florian and Walid, two of the co-founders, clip every day.


Florian / Co-founder:

Roller dancer, Florian has replaced his screwed sneakers by Flaneurz. First Flaneurz mechanical system tester, he collects step-in roller skate models.

“I spend my days on wheels. Whether for my urban trips six times a week, my roller dance training or during representation, I do everything in Flaneurz”. Today, Florian has six models in his wardrobe: “I have three Nike Jordan pairs (models 1, 9 and 10), Doc Martens Cavendish and Newton Black, also Reebok x Flaneurz capsule. Each shoe has a different function. I use my pair Jordan 9 in representation because she is very aesthetic, my Doc Martens in professional appointments and my Jordan 10 pair daily. It's the most comfortable of my collection”

Florian takes care of his step-in roller skate. We ask him his advice to maintain his shoes and rolling parts: “What wears the most Flaneurz system is walking without ever clipping the rolling part. As I skate everyday, I use less soles. Then, I’m careful to not skate in the water because I don’t want projections on my shoes. Finally, I clean bearings, wheels and plate every two months. I also use plugs that I change every month because I use them very quickly in roller dance. It is a consumable in my practice”.

Florian is equipped with an Iconic rolling part created for our Ready-to-Roll Doc Martens product. He appreciates this montage for its lightness. However, he prefers the Premium range on a daily basis: "I chose black Blaster plate and white Helium wheels. I keep this initial assembly because wheels are hard enough to be reactive for dance practice, and fast for urban travel. They fit to all my practices. In addition, I find them very aesthetic."


© Flaneurz / Bastien Tex during #SOSTalks conference by Son Of Sneakers 


Walid / Co-founder:

Like Florian, Walid is a recognized skater. He is one of the Team member who arrive each morning at Flaneurz Skatelab in step-in roller skate.

My first pair was a prototype, a Adidas Mutombo pair on a Premium rolling part, with which I skate in  “Make It Real, become a flaneurz!” video. It was in 2015 and I was one of betatesters. Today, I alternate between several models: Jordan 1 Flight 3 and 5, OTH shoes and Converse Aero Jam. In client appointments, I have my Doc Martens Cavendish. During our pop-up stores, I prefer my Adidas Top Ten. I also have a Nike Huarache pair that I use daily. I like having the choice, according to my moods, my activities…

He finds same sensations of his first rollers with the Premium range, the Flaneurz most technical. However, Walid has chosen to equip his rolling parts with different wheels: Trucks we use are standard. It is possible to put different wheels models. I chose legendary Krypto CR62 wheels. They are more adapted to my practice. Today, I roll for urban ride and skatepark sometimes”. Walid is a sneakers ands roller skate fan, we ask him which step-in roller skate model he prefers. He tells us that his Converse Aero Jam is the most technical and offers the best support. “With my Flaneurz, I also have shoes for style. In this category, I choose my Jordan 1 and my OTH!


© Flaneurz




If they don’t use them every day, Arnaud and Laurie clip their step-in roller skate to save time in their daily travel while practicing regular physical activity.


Arnaud / Co-founder:

Arnaud is a sports enthusiast. Between two climbing routes, you will find him Flaneurz at his feet.

“I prefer skating when I save time. When I clip my rolling part, it is to play with motorists and cyclists and to show I can ride as quickly as them!“ For his equipments, Arnaud tested wheels ranges offered on our e-shop: “Kryptos Impulse wheels are very comfortable but I find them a little too soft for my practice.. Roll Line wheels are very technical and efficient but they absorb less ground roughness. I chose First range wheels. Their hardness matches with my skating (80A) and their beveled profile makes the glide more enjoyable“.

Arnaud has several shoes equipped on his Iconic rolling part. After his Nike Huarache Flight Force 3 and his Veja V-10 Extra White Nautico for sunny days, he is already planning his next Change your shoes Custom: “I will equip a customized Nike Air Force One via Nike ID interface. When I skate, I make loose movements, I need to feel safe. Over long distances, I tend to worry less about road roughness; ankle support is essential for my next step-in roller skate


© Flaneurz


Laurie / Marketing Digital and client success:

Using step-in roller skate since her first Heelys pair in the 2000s early, Laurie rolls with Flaneurz to roam parisian streets.

“I immediately realized the time that Flaneurz would make me win. Between subway, work or places, I clip my rolling parts several time a week”. She also notes roller skating benefits on her health. “I chose Iconic range because it meets my expectations. She is light, precise and Krypto Impulse wheels are very pleasant outdoor. I am very happy to have resumed skating because it’s a sport for joints and doesn’t require a particular effort. Doing sports without realizing it, it’s perfect!

Laurie has two pairs - Nike Air Force One Low and a Puma Cali: “I love low shoes freedom. Accustomed to online rollerblades that have a strong ankle support, I discovered new sensations. These two shoes keepy my foot perfectly; I have a crush for Puma one, who are really rigid, despite appearances”.


© Flaneurz




Johanna / Communication manager

If Johanna knows how to communicate on our step-in roller skate and put them in value on a daily basis, her practice is still shy. However, alongside the Team members and during Flaneurz events, you can find her on wheels.

I receive my first pair during Veja x Flaneurz collaboration release. I made my first Change your Shoes with  Reebok x Flaneurz collaboration. I loved the Aztrek model and chose it in another color. Having worked a lot on these two projects, I really wanted to wear them. I find the Reebok Aztrek more comfortable on a daily basis. Veja V-10 Extra White Nautico, meanwhile, has a very rigid leather that holds my foot well”. If skating is not her favorite sport, Johanna choose her Flaneurz models for fashion and aesthetics. For her, shoes technicality is not its first choice criterion.

First equipped with an Iconic rolling part, Johanna tested the First range when it was launched on our e-shop: "In June 2018, we launched this new range. With a larger center distance (gap between the two front wheels and the two rear wheels), I feel much more comfortable. I'm ready to take back the skate with my new plate in the summer!"


© Flaneurz


Mathieu / Event:

A few months ago, Mathieu joined the Team. Accustomed ski slopes, he tries more to practice roller skating since his arrival.

"I first chose a Custom Ready-to-Roll with Vans Sk8-Hi. I wanted step-in roller skate with a good ankle support. I am equipped with an Iconic rolling part because I am neither an expert, not a real beginner. It's the perfect compromise". Mathieu uses his Flaneurz during Parisian events he likes: "It's really convenient to clip or unclip the rolling part without changing shoes. It is possible to go for a refreshment and return to dance very quickly”.

Today, Mathieu diversifies his practice and skates outdoors. He thinks of his Change Your Shoes: "I'd like a second pair for spring. I would like to take Veja or Adidas Gazelle. However, I keep my part rolling because it suits me very well”.


© Flaneurz


We are taking advantage of this article to introduce Ambre. She joins the adventure as a graphic designer. If she doesn’t have a pair of step-in roller skate yet, she already think about it: "I skated on inline rollerblades for several years. Accustomed to skate in boots, I imagine myself already with a Veja pair equipped with the Flaneurz mechanical system. In addition to loving brand ethics, I like the design. I would skate surely with the Premium range, which is composed with Roll Line plate and wheels, my previous competition skates brand".


© Flaneurz


Well equipped, our Team skates to new projects. At our next pop-up stores, meeting in SkateLab or roller party, we will always be there to continue to share our passion.

See you soon on wheels,

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