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Blog - They roll with us!

They roll with us!
By Flaneurz 1/10/2017 10:45 AM

More than 1600 customers worldwide received their Flaneurz skates equipped with the On Wheelz system. Some of them gave us their feedbacks about their first experience! We received feedbacks from our very first Kickstarters bakers to our e-shop clients.

As you follow us, we wanted to share them with you to make your own judgements about our product, the detachable roller skates.


Loulou Guilb'o (Australia) Adidas Top Ten

“After using them 5 or 6 days a week during 1 month in Melbourne, I felt like sharing a feed-back. I roll with my Flaneurz 4 to 6 times a week to work and go back, and I work with the shoes on my feet during 6 to 7 hours standing (...)

In contrast, the total happiness to use! No discomfort at all with the shoes even after standing during 6h, a real pleasure to skate after the usual adjustments. In brief, it is so far almost perfectly successful!“


Sébastien. L (France) Nike Air Force One

“Put on my Flaneurz to get some bread and to gain few minutes, to feel 100% good on my quad skates, to go back after riding a distance 10 times longer than if I had walked and 10 times happier (and 10 times hungrier).“


Spitesprite (United-States) Nike Blazer

“Did approximately 7 miles on them that first night! My brief review is basically that they're quite good skates; my biggest problem with them is that the shoes are too narrow for my wide feet, but that's Nike's fault, not Flaneurz's. I'm expecting them to stretch and get more comfortable as they break in. This particular model of shoe doesn't perfectly fit to my way of riding, so I noticed a little less flexibility than I like, but that's a minor quibble. Fully willing to accept that trade-off for the awesome ability to turn my shoes into skates at will! Thanks, #Flaneurz#OnWheelz”


Mak_paro (France) Nike Air Force One

“Life is sometimes simple.

No thinking, Just riding.

Thx Flaneurz for this amazing work! I gonna ride all time this summer!“ 


Air Force One White Flaneurz


Jean-Marie. C (France) Nike Air Force One

"A pleasure this morning to ride a few hundred meters to my work with my new #Flaneurz"


Bertrand. M (France) Reebook Exofit

“#urbanmobility but not only! Also terrific on the #countryside :) So happy with my #Flaneurz! Thanks!“


Alexandre. G (France) Adidas Top Ten


Skates well received, I tried them immediately, a little week to clip them on in 10 seconds, now it’s great…

First trip in the city yesterday to go to the dentist very useful to reach the old buildings here in Rouen and go shopping without backpack and another pair of shoes inside...that is all I wanted…”


Mickael. F (France) Nike Air Force One

“Flaneurz rocks!!!

Hello the Clique,

I picked up my Flaneurz last Wednesday in your skatelab. First of all thanks for this amazing welcoming, it is really pleasant to meet creators of these little gems in person! and see how much you are passionate and involved.

They clip on and clip out easily, I’m addicted to them!!!

But I still have a lot to learn about quad skating as I always skated on inline skates but it’s giving a new breath to my passion. And to be able to keep its feet warm after a session is a luxury! I am curious to see how the product react once its worn, looking forward to purchase some spare parts if needed (hooks and new shoes adaptation).

A big thanks for this revolution and long live Flaneurz!!!



Frédéric.B (France) Nike Air Force One

“After more or less fifteen trips


I have made about fifteen trips in very different places and conditions: Rotterdam, Tokyo, Busan and right now in Séoul ! I skated on perfect grounds but also on pavement!

I keep going with my asiatic tests and I will send you others feedbacks.

I confirm, the Flaneurz are made to travel!

Bon courage.”


Mandy. W (Netherlands) Nike Air Force One


I thought that you might like a more detailed report of my 30 days on Flaneurz.

These 30 days I’ve skated between 2 and 7 km every day, and walked on the shoes mostly the rest of the day. I’ve skated over tarmac, cobblestones, sidewalks and all sorts of pavement. Some long distance, some quickly getting from 1 point to another for pokemon :)

At first I thought the shoes were too small, but after about 5 days they formed after my feet and they were perfect.

I already knew the plates so, yeah, amazing as I’m used from Roll-line, great choice! The wheels I didn’t know, but since these were from the same manufacturer, in knew they were good, which proved to be true.

This is an amazing product, and I hope you guys are not done developing.

Great work!



Kevin.R (France) Nike Air Force One

“Hello to the Flaneurz' Clique,

I keep constantly reading your newsletters and this latest news made my day :)

Again a big thanks to created this amazing system because I can’t stop using it (except in rainy days).



If you want to join the community and walk or roll around with clip on roller skates too, feel free to share your opinion with photos and videos #Flaneurz. We'll share your experience with the community.

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