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Blog - Your 10 skates spots in the World

Your 10 skates spots in the World
By Mathieu & Johanna 3/1/2019 10:00 AM

Stroll in the city and let your imagination run wild. Follow our community all around the world by discovering your favorite skates spots.

Freedom to clip and unclip your favorite shoes on a rolling part allows you to take advantage of skates spots. Streets, landscapes or atypical architectures make these locations unique skates spots.




Rollerskating is part of colombian customs with more than 400 medals during international speed skating competitions.

This passion animates Carolina. You will find her at the Fontanar skatepark in Bogota. It is the largest in the country. Created by Sucubo Skateparks and inaugurated in 2017, it is designed for different levels skaters: "This is the largest skatepark in our country, which includes three sectors: a street, a bowl with three sections and a huge place with obstacles. My favorite part is the bowl, in which you will find different heights connected to each other.This is where I like to train and push my limits. I like to go fast, ride and slide. Skaters will always find something to try, there is everything!", says Carolina.


Fontanar Skatepark: Calle 146, Bogotá - Colombia


© 9__8__6




The Gulf countries are discovering a passion for board sports, like Saudi Arabia. It hosted the first FISE 2018 event in Jeddah. Before the sauds, Dubai got a skate park competing with the world largest infrastructure: XDubai Skatepark. Vince, coach, explains us: "The street atmosphere conferred by the street modules incorporated in the furniture is atypical in this desert environment". Forwalks lovers, there is a waterfront with many artificial islands views such as "The Palm Jumeira". Like the Rolldxb group, which organizes events across the city, the Dubai roller skating community is expanding.


Xdubai Skatepark: Kite Beach, 2nd Street, Umm Suqeim 1 - Dubaï - UAE






From the West Coast to the East Coast, this country is full of skates spots.

/Venice BeachEverything could be summed up in one word: DREAM. Whether you are a skaterboarder, a surfer or a skater, Venice beach is a must. During her road trip, Célia discovered this place Flaneurz at her feet: "At the time of my Californian trip, I was a beginner. I needed space and flat surface. The Venice beach is perfect thanks to its long walk by the sea. I strolled thoroughly under the sun, between ocean and street arts: the dream!".

/New York - The East Coast offers famous skates spots too. You can practice roller dance at the legendary "Rollerjam", the only roller rink in New York. Feel free to visit Central Park and Manhattan wide avenues.


Venice Beach : 4226001900, Venice, CA 90291, USA
New York - Rollerjam : 236 Richmond Valley Rd, Staten Island, NY 10309, USA


© clia.lpz




Roller skate is famous in South Africa, especially among sporty women sporty and roller derby enthusiasts.

There are many skates spots too. Hortense discovered roller skating happiness with her roommate at Seapoint in CapeTown: "Seapoint, CapeTown: ideal location for sports. This is where some people do jogging, yoga classes, etc. From early in the morning, Sea Point boardwalk is filled with sportsmen. Kate, my roller skate fan roomate, took me a lot of times on this pretty walk: palm trees, flat, sea view and sun: a real little paradise!"


Sea Point - Cape Town: Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa


© hortensebrgs




Roller skate has an important place in australian sports world. The country is full of skates spots.

Sitty, skateboarder and skater girl, explains: "The streets are deserted and smooth. It's great to go from one place to another. I skated enjoying nature, beaches and great views along australian coast." The Bondi Beach famous delights street/freestyle skaters with this skatepark bowl, and walks lovers with the waterfront. 


Bondi Beach - Skatepark: 102 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia.


 © missysitty




China hosted Roller Games first edition.

Maëliss Conan, presented for the article about differences between roller skate and inline skating, took part of this event. She visited Shanghai at the time of this trip: "My favorite place is the Bund! You can see skyscrapers including the famous Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong or the Shanghai Finance Center.
For the anecdote, I rolled but police officers monitor the esplanade. Skating is forbidden. One of the policemen asked me to stop. Since he did not speak English, he translated with his phone and I asked him to take a picture. This is the visual of my previous testimony for you!


Bund - Shanghai : China, Shanghai Shi, Pudong Xinqu, LuJiaZui, 陆家嘴西路2967号 邮政编码: 200000





Rich of its history with many influences (Greek, Turkish and English), this island embodies holidays and cosmopolitanism.

Melanie shares this mix. In her hometown, Lacarna, there is a pedestrian promenade along a sandy beach - Finikoudès - on one side and small traditional cafes on the other: "It is sunny and popular with walkers, beach volleyball players or skaters like me. I like Ice cream stands every meter!".


Finikoudes beach: Evathias Pieridou, Larnaca 6023, Cyprus





In 2018, World Championships in Speed ​​and Freestyle Skating took place in Netherlands.

Leandra enjoys the  opening a new bikeway near her home for her first steps: "Thanks to the bike paths, you can cross the whole country. You can skate at the sea or lake edge. The view is beautiful wherever you are."

Even though Netherlands is known for being a flat and windy country, many places are nice to roll.


Heereveen : Pim Mulierlaan 1, 8443 DA Heerenveen, Netherlands


© leandra_karreman




You had a Barcelona glimpse during our exchange with Anthony Finocchiaro, Flaneurz’ ambassador. Flaneurz Clique also went to the Roller Derby World Championships.

For Lindsay, Skate Love Barcelona festival is an annual rendez-vous: "This place is the skater paradise. I have been there twice, in 2016 and 2018. I have already booked my flights for this year." Many of you have mentioned Barcelona seafront, as Holyza who has been practicing roller-skating for 10 years: "Architecture is conducive to urban sports practice. The street becomes a fun space and it is very beautiful."


Badalona Beach: Calle de Eduardo Maristany, 08912 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain
Mar Bella Skatepark: Av. del Litoral, 106, 08005 Barcelona, Spain


© _ladyclay_ 


© ho.lyza




/Paris - The capital is famous in roller skating world thanks to sneakers mounting screwed on skates plates. Roller party are part of parisian skates spots. Flaneurz is one of the major preceptors, as at the Montgolfière, W Paris - Opera or Point Ephémère. These events delight Léa: "I love skating in these evenings! This is the moment when we meet up with the Parisian roller dance community to share our passion. It's also an opportunity to wear my best sparkling outfits."


© leadelta 

/Lyon - For 15 years, Lyon has organized the Lugdunum Roller Contest, a recognized endurance race. The Confluence district is one of your favorite skates spots. In the skating community, it is customary to give oneself pseudonyms. A member, under "Diabolo Cool" name, explains this location pleasant architecture: "The district of Confluence in Lyon, is renovated. There are soft means of transport and design buildings with bike paths, sidewalks and esplanades. In addition, we join at Rhône or Saône quays. For its reasons, Confluence is one of the best skates spots in Lyon. We are a skaters group in Flaneurz. In this beautiful neighborhood, we walk and we dance.”


© diabolo_cool


/Nice Nice has one of the most famous skates spots of the French Riviera: the Promenade des Anglais. Morganne began roller skating at this place: "The Promenade des Anglais is what inspired me to start skating. I watched the skaters having fun everyday and I rented some skates and skated up and down the Promenade.Those are some of my best memories. When I returned home to Chicago, I bought my own pair of skates, and I’ve been in love with skating ever since."


/St NazaireThe St Nazaire pier offers an ideal place to roll and enjoy the sea atmosphere. Charlyne learned to skate there: "I chose the St Nazaire pier because I go there since I was little. I made my first steps and I discovered roller skate! It is a perfect ground to roll: waves and seagulls sound... The best is at sunset!"


 © charlyne_pltrd


Paris - Flaneurz events
Lyon - Quartier de la Confluence: Allée Ambroise Croizat, 69002 Lyon
Nice - Promenade des anglais: Promenade des Anglais, 06200 Nice
St Nazaire - Quai des Marées, 44600 St Nazaire


We enjoyed discovering your favorite spots.

See you soon on wheels!

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