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An ecologic and sustainable sneaker, a light and all surfaces customized rolling part equipped with luminous wheels, ideal for urban mobility, exploration, leisure…

Manually manufactured in France

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Manufacturing time : 1 to 3 weeks


Rolling parts description


Plate :

Plate brand: Sure Grip Rock White - 8mm trucks
Plate Material: Light nylon
Origin: USA
Toe stop brand: Sure Grip Carrera
Toe stop type: Standard
Toe stop color: Black
Cushion brand : Sure Grip
Cushion color: Black

Several layers of ultrafine silver glitter are fixed to the roller skate Sure Grip Rock plate and on the edge of the Flaneurz’ chassis. The set is congealed by a manually applied lacquer. 

Wheel :

Developed by a reference brand in the field of inline skate, Luminous wheels in pearly and translucent polyurethane contains a miniaturized dynamo system feeding light-emitting diodes lighting up the outside of the wheel.

Wheel brand: Luminous
Wheel hardness: 85A - ideal for outdoor skating
Wheel color:  pearly and translucent
Wheel dimension: Diameter 62mm X Width 32 mm

Bearing :

Bearing type: Lubrificated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 7.

White clip-out key

Shoe description

Veja V-10

VEJA was founded in 2004. The brand offers sneakers models borrowed from the volley-ball world of the 80s, as well as bags and accessories. Their products reflect their spirit : fair and sustainable. Products' components are chosen and partnerships are established so as to limit environmental impact.

The V-10 model was introduced to celebrate VEJA’s 10th birthday. This model is made in Brazil, out of ecological and sustainable materials. Glitter V-1O is adorned with touches of cyan on the side logo and magenta glitter on the back logo.

  • Upper in low chrome leather
  • Perforated low-chrome leather sections
  • Inner sole in recycled cotton
  • Sole made of wild rubber from the amazonian forest (60%)
  • Made in Brazil

Size guide

Heel-to-toe length (cm)

(/ Size JP CN)

Size EUR

Size US Man

Size US - Woman

23 36 - 5
23,5 37 - 6
24 38 - 7
25 39 - 8
26 40 7 9
26,5 41 8 10
27 42 9  
27,5 43 10  
28 44 11  
29,5 45 11,5  
30 46 12  

Data from Veja official size guide (+ shoe box)


Comfort and pairs ergonomics that will become detachable rollers is at the heart of Flaneurz quality approach. It is therefore important to know how to choose your shoe. In case of doubt, we recommend you go to the physical store to try the different models of shoes and shoe size. In case you hesitate between two sizes, and because the shoe you are choosing is a sportive shoe, it is better to take the upper shoe size to be more comfortable.
  • Place a paper on the floor placing one end against a wall. ­ 
  • Stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. ­ 
  • Mark the paper exactly where your toes finish. ­ 
  • Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the mark you made. Compare your feet size with the size guide. 


“Make those you cross path with have sparkle in their eyes”

Everything springs from a spark, energy and city lights’ flash point. Cocktails tangy twists Bengal lights smoke, and electric light filters subdues eroticism vibrations. Wheels’ Pearly white blows up, glittering brightly: making Flâneuse’s road glows. Music becomes an accomplice, highlighting the elegance of the motion. The atmosphere is seducing, embellished with magenta and cyan radiances. In its lighting setting, Capsule glitter rolls, leaving stars dust clouds in its wake.

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