Converse Pro Leather 76 Mid - Dark Sangria


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A legendary and technical sneaker, ideal for leisure, exploration and demanding skating... A new shoe to adapt to your Flaneurz rolling part.

Manually manufactured in France
Free shipping worldwide
Manufacturing time: 2 weeks

The serial number of Flaneurz' rollerskates is written at the end of the user guide and under one of the right rolling part.


Shoe description

Converse Pro Leather OG

Released in 1976, after the All-Star Chuck Taylor model success, the aesthetics of the Converse Pro Leather quickly differentiated it from sneakers trading the basketball courts to that period. Originally named “All Star Professional Basketball Shoes”, it is distinguished by its leather upper, at a time when the fabric is still the reference on most models seen on the courts.

Became famous at the feet of Julius Erving, one of the greatest NBA players ; the Converse Pro Leather has historically the same nickname than he : Dr. J. In 1982, the number 23, Michael Jordan rise for the winning shot in the NCAA University Championship final in Converse Pro Leather. A shoe that guided the greatest ones in their sports ascension.

Size guide

Heel-to-toe length (cm) Size EUR

Brand Size (US)

22 36 5,5 (Women) 
22.5 37 6 (Women)
23.5 38 7 (Women)
24 38.5 7.5 (Women)
24.5 39 8 (Women)
25 40 8.5 (Women)
25.5 40.5 7 (Men) / 9 (Women)
26 41 7.5 (Men) / 9.5 (Women)
26.5 42 8 (Men) / 10 (Women)
27.5 43 9 (Men) 
28 44 9 (Men)
28.5 44.5 9.5 (Men) 
29 45 11 (Men) 
30 46 12 (Men) 
How to choose shoe size? 

First of all, do not measure your feet in the morning ; feet swell during the day because of  heat and activity. For the best adjustment, measure your foot at the end of the day.
To measure your shoe size follow these instructions
  • Place a paper on the floor placing one end against a wall. ­ 
  • Stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. ­ 
  • Mark the paper exactly where your toes finish. ­ 
  • Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the mark you made. Compare your feet size with the size guide.
  • What's to be done if your foot is situated between two sizes? 
  • Because the shoe that you are choosing is a sports shoe , you rather choose the bigger size to feel more comfortable
22 36 5,5 (Femme) 
22,5 37 6 (Femme) 
23,5 38 7 (Femme) 
24 38,5 7,5 (Femme)
24,5 39 8 (Femme) 
25 40 7 (Homme) / 8.5 (Femme) 
25,5 40,5 7,5 (Homme) / 9 (Femme)
26 41 8 (Homme) / 9.5 (Femme) 
26,5 42 9 (Homme) / 10 (Femme)
27,5 43 9.5 (Homme) 
28 44 10 (Homme) 
28,5 44,5 10,5 (Homme)
29 45 11 (Homme) 
30 46

12 (Homme)


The story of this legendary brand begins in the early twentieth century, when Mills Converse creates his firm of rubber-soled shoes in Massachusetts. In 1917, inspired by Mr Converse’s interest in basketball, the famous Converse All Star became a reference shoe for the practice of this sport with the player Chuck Taylor who made this model his favorite shoe. All major teams wish to have this model, and Converse shoe become the best-selling pair in the United States in 1955. In 1976, Converse released the Dr. J. in leather to strengthen its leading position in the sneaker market. Today, and after years, Converse remains an essential fashion ally for urban youth

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