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Once you have  your Ready-to-Roll pack, you can have several pairs to clip onto your rolling part! 

Flaneurz serial number is written under your right rolling part

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Shoe description


All the essential DNA from our 8-eye silhouette remains, like yellow stitching, grooved sides, and heel loop. But the Newton is an evolution, with a modern, sleek silhouette — minus a third of the weight. They are made with Temperley, a lightweight, full-grain leather with a soft feel.

Size guide

Heel-to-toe length (cm) Size EUR

Size US - Men

Size US - Woman

22 36  / 5
23  37  / 6
24 38  / 7
25 39  7 8
25,5 40  7,5  8,5
26 41 8 9
27 42  9 10
28 43  10 11
28,5 44  10,5 /
29 45 11 /
How to choose shoe size?  

First of all, do not measure your feet in the morning ; feet swell during the day because of  heat and activity. For the best adjustment, measure your foot at the end of the day.
To measure your shoe size follow these instructions
  • Place a paper on the floor placing one end against a wall. ­ 
  • Stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. ­ 
  • Mark the paper exactly where your toes finish. ­ 
  • Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the mark you made. Compare your feet size with the size guide.
  • What's to be done if your foot is situated between two sizes
  • Because the shoe that you are choosing is a sports shoe , you rather choose the bigger size to feel more comfortable


Dr Martens was founded in 1947 by Klaus Märtens and Herbert Funk. The first emblematic model is the Dr Martens 1460 (eight-holed) boot, taking its name from date of its inception: April 1st, 1960.

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