You've been waiting for it: our boutique will open on Wednesday, December 9th at 2pm in Pantin, three metro stations from Paris. Be the first to buy your detachable roller skates at the Flânerie and discover the surprises we have prepared for you.


One year ago, we put on our Flaneurz roller skates in Pantin, to roll on the rink of the Cité Fertile during one of our roller parties. Four months ago, we moved from La Courneuve to Pantin. In a week, we will open our store here : the Flânerie.

This change of location meets our need for space to produce your orders in the best conditions and to accommodate a team that is growing over time. Loyal to where we come from, we have our hearts set on energizing the parisian suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis, while remaining accessible from Paris and the rest of Ile-de-France. Above all, we loves meeting you during our events or in our pop up stores. This exchange will now be possible on a daily basis, allowing you to buy your roller skates a few metro stops from Paris.

© Amaury Cibot


/Why the Flânerie ?

We have chosen to name our flagship store the Flânerie. This name makes sense to us. It's a place where you feel good, the atmosphere is dynamic and the relations are warm.
La Flânerie is made up of the boutique, but not only. When you come on site, you will discover our museum which sheds light on how Flaneurz is part of roller skating history. You will know everything about the Team. Behind our museum, you will see our production workshop, the Sk8Lab, and our offices.


/The boutique 

The Team is delighted to welcome you and to walk you through the different series of rolling parts you can choose. On site, you will find all our products available on our e-shop: our Ready-to-Roll packs if you don't have a rolling part yet, our Change Your Shoes packs if you own one, our accessories, our clothes, and also our latest winter collection "BREAK THE LINE". In addition, you will have access to exclusive shoes (only available in store). You will also be able to drop off your shoes to be transformed to take advantage of the Custom, Ready-to-Roll and Change Your Shoes offers. 

Buying your roller skates in Paris, in our boutique, gives you the advantage of learning how to clip and unclip with the help of a member of the Flaneurz Team. Thanks to this training, you will be able to enjoy your detachable skates faster.




/How to go to the Flânerie ?  

/Address : 17 rue Méhul, 93500 Pantin 
/By subway : Line 5 - Église de Pantin 
/By bus : 249 et 61- Paul Bert-Cimetière ; 170 - Franklin
/Flaneurz at your feet

/When to get there? 

/By appointment 

Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10am to 2pm

/Free opening

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Saturday from 11am to 5:30pm


/Why make an appointment? 

If you would like to discover the product with a member of the Team and discuss our innovation, make an appointment on Calendly. You will then have the store all to yourself.


We look forward to seeing you at the Flânerie. To find out more about the opening of the boutique and discover the surprises we have prepared for you, subscribe to the newsletter.