Puma Suede Olympian - Blue White


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Product presented in personalized Iconic range

Manually manufactured in France
Clip out key included
Manufacturing time: 1 to 3 weeks
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Rolling parts description

Air Force 1 White




This range offers increased stability. Distance between front and rear wheels is bigger. Your evolution will be fast and this range will follow you from your first strides to your urban travel.


Rio Roller - 8mm trucks
Injected plastic


Hardness: 80A
Dimension: diameter 62 mm x width 34 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 5






This range is an invitation to roller skating pleasures. Recommended for strollers wishing to skate outdoors regularly, it combines ground asperities absorption and maneuverability. 


Sure Grip Rock White/Black­ - 8mm trucks 
Light Dupont Nylon®
Toe stop: Carrera Black

Kryptonics wheels: 

Krypto Impulse
Hardness: 78A
Dimension: diameter 62mm X width 32 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 7

Adidas Matchcourt Iconic


Veja V-12 PRE




This range meets seasoned skaters expectations. It is adapted for technical practices (urban skating, initiation to a sport practice...).


Roll Line Variant/Blaster - 8mm trucks
Aluminum machined from the block
Toe stop: Roll Line (natural rubber)


Roll Line Helium x Flaneurz (plastic injected hub)
Hardness: 82A
Dimension: diameter 64 mm x width 33 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 7




To better understand the difference between these three ranges, check out this blog post


With "Personalization" option, design your rolling part: liseret, plates, wheels, front brakes: you choose each element of your future Flaneurz. Contact us ( to let us know your choices.


Colored line on your chassis
black - white - lemon yellow - gold yellow - green - blue - red - grey


Depending on your rolling part range
First: black
Iconic: black - white
Premium: black - raw aluminium


Choosing several colors possibility
Black First
Krypto Impulse: black - white - red - blue - green - pink - mauve - transparent
Roll Line x Flaneurz: black - white


Depending on your rolling part range
First and Iconic: black - white
Premium: white - brown - cappuccino - grey - red - blue - pink

Shoe description

This iconic model is created in 1968 by Rudolf Dassler. He is considered in 1970’s as a strong symbol of the protest against the afro-American situation in USA. At the Olympic Games in Mexico, Tommie C. Smith and John Carlos, respectively 1st and 3rd in their discipline, brandished this shoe with one hand, the fist with the other. This event goes around the world. Designed for the street, Puma Suede quickly conquers breakdancers heart. Several famous dance groups like Rock Steady Crew or NYC Breakers swear by this model. It is mainly the sole, designed to provide perfect cushioning and stability, which makes this shoe a must for athletes, dancers, and mainstream.

Size guide

Heel-to-toe length (cm) Size EUR Brand Size (US - Men)
22,5 36 4,5
23 37 5
24 38 6
25 39 7
25,5 40 7,5
26,5 41 8,5
27 42 9
28 43 10
28,5 44 10,5
29,5 45 11,5

Comfort and pairs ergonomics that will become detachable rollers is at the heart of Flaneurz quality approach. It is therefore important to know how to choose your shoe. In case of doubt, we recommend you go to the physical store to try the different models of shoes and shoe size. In case you hesitate between two sizes, and because the shoe you are choosing is a sportive shoe, it is better to take the upper shoe size to be more comfortable.
  • Place a paper on the floor placing one end against a wall. ­ 
  • Stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. ­ 
  • Mark the paper exactly where your toes finish. ­ 
  • Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the mark you made. Compare your feet size with the size guide.


Walking, skating, running... Everything is sensation.


Mist is fading. Sky is clear, their happiness is azure.The flâneurs are moving at a brisk pace. Creative, they are their own space masters.

Nature is blooming. The waves pleasant agitation flirts with the spinning sand grains. Idyllic escape, they share their own avant-garde, transgressing the rules. Their skin is vibrating under the breeze, their eyes are dazzling by summer glimmers.

Time belongs to them, they are strolling and inventing their freedom sphere. Rather than following common standard, they prefer highways and byways. They are shaking up the world with elegance.

The sun is at its Zenith. They become aware of living a waking dream: a revival."


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