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Glitter Capsule 2018
Posted By flaneurz
2/9/2018 11:51 AM
“Make those you cross path with have sparkle in their eyes”...
2017 Retrospective: Let's go to 2018
Posted in News Clique Community | By Johanna Sanchez-Laurente
12/22/2017 5:02 PM
2017 is ending, it’s an opportunity for a retrospective about this eventful year with new offers, new products, collaborations, events… with you because together, road is smoother.  ...
Flaneurz in le Marais!
Posted in News | By Johanna Sanchez-Laurente
12/18/2017 10:50 AM
Christmas is coming! Flaneurz is in Le Marais, 14 Rue du Temple 75004, from December the 18th till the 24. Come to discover, try and buy your pairs for Christmas!...
NO MATTER party 2017
Posted in Events | By Flaneurz
10/4/2017 4:17 PM
Many of you came to meet us 21 September and the weekend of 22 September for the launch of our new collection and our pop-up store. This season started well and new events are yet to come....
NO MATTER Fall-Winter 2017 collection
Posted in Product release | By Flaneurz
8/31/2017 12:30 PM
  “If nothing matters, everything does.”...
Roller Skate in Fashion
Posted in News | By Flaneurz
7/21/2017 10:53 AM
  Roller skates were created in the XVIIIth century, since then, they have experienced periods of popularity in waves. Let’s have a closer look at the history of this emblematic accessory of the 80’s, that keeps feeding the media....
Change your shoes - Adapt your style to your desires
Posted in News | By Flaneurz
6/30/2017 5:12 PM
Flaneurz introduces its new offer, “Change your shoes”. Feel free to clips on every shoe you want on your rolling part....
Meet "Mobile en Ville"
Posted in News | By Flaneurz
6/22/2017 12:30 PM
Today Flaneurz introduces you to its partner : Mobile en Ville. Skating fans and disabled persons rolling together? They did it. And we tell you how. ...
UNFOLLOW party 2017
Posted in Events | By Flaneurz
6/7/2017 4:43 PM
Many of you came to meet us during the opening of our 2017 Unfollow collection, on the weekend of May 13: roller party, workshops and pop up store. ...
UNFOLLOW spring/summer collection
Posted in Product release | By Flaneurz
4/27/2017 5:11 PM
Spring is here, a renewal of your dressing has to be set. Flaneurz offers a full of surprises and of ‘flânerie” summery season with the launching of its spring/summer 2017 collection which is composed of three unprecedented models....