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UNFOLLOW party 2017
Posted in Events | By Flaneurz
6/7/2017 4:43 PM
Many of you came to meet us during the opening of our 2017 Unfollow collection, on the weekend of May 13: roller party, workshops and pop up store. ...
UNFOLLOW spring/summer collection
Posted in Product release | By Flaneurz
4/27/2017 5:11 PM
Spring is here, a renewal of your dressing has to be set. Flaneurz offers a full of surprises and of ‘flânerie” summery season with the launching of its spring/summer 2017 collection which is composed of three unprecedented models....
Posted in Product release | By Flaneurz
4/21/2017 3:27 PM
Flaneurz designs new Prêt à Rouler clip on skates with a brand you’ve surely heard of : Veja....
Capsule F
Posted in Product release | By Flaneurz
2/22/2017 11:11 AM
An immaculate, neutral and harmless Air Force One White like a white page, blank canvas, a solicitation to create, suggested to Amedeo Abello, Flaneurz’ artistic director....
Meeting Jean-Marc Premium ambassador
Posted in Ambassadors | By Flaneurz
2/14/2017 2:45 PM
Jean-Marc Gravier is a Flaneurz’ ambassador (tester of prototypes and actor of the product evolution) and skates in Nike Air Force One Black. His enthusiasm brought a lot to the project development....
Prizes we won in 2016
Posted in Clique | By Flaneurz
1/30/2017 4:45 PM
Who says new year, says retrospective. It is the opportunity to do an assessment of 2016 which allowed us to see our work rewarded by winning several prizes in France :...
They roll with us!
Posted in Clique | By Flaneurz
1/10/2017 10:45 AM
More than 1600 customers worldwide received their Flaneurz skates equipped with the On Wheelz system!  ...
Our savoir-faire
Posted in Clique | By Flaneurz
12/12/2016 4:58 PM
Our Skatelab is located at La Courneuve (Seine Saint Denis). We work there every day in order to deliver a product which answers to you expectations. Every single pair of skates is made (one by one) by hand (more than 3 hours of work and 6 machines are necessary to...
Posted in Clique | By Flaneurz
10/27/2016 12:00 PM
Paris north by night, 3 dancers, one clique, desert streets, wet floor, sneakers, gret music, Flaneurz on feet......
Posted in Clique | By Flaneurz
7/21/2016 4:30 PM
OWN PARIS captures the intimate relationship with the city thanks to Flaneurz...