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Once you have acquired your Ready-to-Roll pack, have several pairs to clip on your rolling part! The Custom offer allows you to choose the shoes you will send us for your next Flaneurz pair. Purchase and delivery of the shoes are at your charge. Your pair must be new.

The pair you want to transform has to meet specific requirements:

New shoes (unworn outdoor)
Size must be between 35 and 46 2/3 (European size)
Flat sole made of rubber material
Minimum sole thickness: 7,0 mm in the front, 13,0 mm in the back
Sole's bump must not exceed 5mm depth with the ground contact area
Shoe tongue must be able to allow access to the shoes internal front part

Shoes must allow a good heel support during the walking movement
Shoes can be low

Manufacturing time: 2 weeks
Your serial number is written under your right rolling part