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With the Custom offer, you can choose the shoes that you will send us to transform them into detachable roller skates. Purchase and delivery of shoes are at your expense. Your pair must be new.

The Ready-to-Roll pack is composed of transformed shoes, two rolling parts and a clip-off key.

Select your shoe size, then choose between the Iconic and Premium rolling part series in either white or black. The choice of key color is yours as well.

Which Flaneurz series suits you best?

/Manufacturing time
2 to 3 weeks

Manually manufactured in France.


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How does it work ?

Choose your favorite sneakers, which will soon become detachable roller skates. Make sure they meet Flaneurz’s transformation requirements (in case of doubt, feel free to contact us). The purchase of the shoe is at your expense.

Order your Custom. First, indicate the shoe model you have chosen, then select the rolling part series and the clip-off key color you would like. Within 24 hrs, you will receive an email confirming if your shoe model is compatible with our system. If not, our Team will guide you in choosing another model.

Send your shoes. The address is written in the shoe validation email. The delivery of your shoe is at your expense (it is possible to have it shipped from an e-commerce site). We will then notify you when we receive your shoes in our workshop.

Receive your personalized Flaneurz. You will now be able to clip on and off your rolling parts from your shoes as much as you want. Switch from skating to walking in a flash and enjoy your new freedom!

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