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The Custom offer allows you to choose the shoes you are going to send us to transform them into detachables rollerskates.

Shoes purchase and delivery is your responsibility. Your pair must be new

We are significantly behind on some Flaneurz components.
First serie - Plate out of stock for sizes 37.5 to 39 and 42 to 43.5 until September. We recommend that you choose another serie. 

Manually manufactured in France
Manufacturing time: 4 to 6 weeks
Clip out key included
Free shipping worldwide

A question? Consult our Q&A


How does it work ?

Stroll on Internet or in a physical store and choose your favorite shoes pair which respects the Flaneurz transformation conditions (if you have any questions: Shoe purchase is your responsibility.

Order your Ready-to-Roll Custom pack on e-shop. Technical team will validate your shoes pair within one business day. After that, the address to which to send your shoes will be communicated to you. 


Check your e-mail box! Flaneurz technical team will acknowledge your shoes pair receipt and its compatibility to install the Flaneurz system; your pair transformation and your custom rolling part production will begin (delay: 1 to 3 weeks, upon shoes receipt)  


Receive your Flaneurz pair and put on the city at your feet!

Rolling parts description

Air Force 1 White



This serie offers increased stability. Distance between front and rear wheels is bigger. Your evolution will be fast and this range will follow you from your first strides to your urban travel.

Rio Roller - 8mm trucks 
Injected plastic

Hardness: 80A
Dimension: diameter 62 mm x width 34 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 5






This serie is an invitation to roller skating pleasures. Recommended for strollers wishing to skate outdoors regularly, it combines ground asperities absorption and maneuverability.

Sure Grip Rock White/Black­ - 8mm trucks 
Light Dupont Nylon®
Toe stop: Carrera Black

Kryptonics wheels
Krypto Impulse
Hardness: 78A
Dimension: diameter 62mm X width 32 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 7

Adidas Matchcourt Iconic


Veja V-12 PRE



This serie meets seasoned skaters expectations. It is adapted for technical practices (urban skating, initiation to a sport practice...).

Roll Line Variant/Blaster - 8mm trucks
Aluminum machined from the block
Toe stop: Roll Line (natural rubber)

Roll Line Helium x Flaneurz (plastic injected hub)
Hardness: 82A
Dimension: diameter 64 mm x width 33 mm

Bearing: Lubricated steel chrome 608 ZZ ABEC 7


To better understand the difference between these three series, check out this blog post


With "Personalization" option, design your rolling part: liseré, plates, wheels, toe stop: you choose each element of your future Flaneurz. Contact us to let us know your choices.


Colored line on your chassis
black - white - lemon yellow - gold yellow - green - blue - red - grey


Depending on your rolling part serie
First: black
Iconic: black - white
Premium: black - raw aluminium


Choosing several colors possibility
Black First
Krypto Impulse: black - white - red - blue - green - pink - mauve - transparent
Roll Line x Flaneurz: black - white


Depending on your rolling part range
First and Iconic: black - white
Premium: white - brown - cappuccino - grey - red - blue - pink

Shoe description

The pair you choose and send us has to meet specific requirements:



New shoes (unworn outdoor)
Size must be between 35 and 46 2/3 (European size)
Flat sole made of rubber material
Minimum sole thickness: 7,0 mm in the front, 13,0 mm in the back
Sole's bump must not exceed 5mm depth with the ground contact area
Shoe tongue must be able to allow access to the shoes internal front part


Shoes must allow a good heel support during the walking movement
Shoes can be low



Pairs of shoes comfort and ergonomics that will become detachables rollerskates is essential to Flaneurz quality approach. Is is therefore important to know how to choose your shoe. In doubt case, we recommend you go to the physical store to try different models and size. 


For any question contact us: