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    Flaneurz offers you the possibility to transforming your favorite personal shoes pair into detachable rollerskates. Choose between the three rolling part's ranges (First, Iconic, Premium) to make your a "Ready-to-Roll" pack that looks like you.

    Manually manufactured in France
    Manufacturing time: 1 to 3 weeks
    Clip out key included
    Free shipping worldwide



    After getting your first Flaneurz pair, be free to clip on several pairs of shoes on your rolling part! You have the possibility to send us your own pair of shoe!

    Manufacturing time : 2 weeks
    The serial number of Flaneurz' rollerskates is written at the end of the user guide and under your right rolling part.

    Technical constraints:
    /The shoes must be new (unworn) /The sole at the front of the shoe has to be at least 7,0 mm thick
    /The sole at the bottom of the shoe has to be at least 13,0 mm thick
    /The sole must be flat (no heel-piece)
    /The sole asperity must not exceed 5 mm difference with the floor contact area
    /The sole must be in caoutchouc / plastic material
    /Shoe tongue allowing an access to the inner front part of the shoe


      1.Visual validation (picture/link) of your new shoes following the purchase,
      2.Sending of your shoes in our SkateLab (refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale article 9.2),
      3.Final validation of your shoes from the technical team,
      4.Transformation of your shoes. 

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2 Item(s)
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