We're delighted to introduce you to Jean-Philippe, aka @Rollerbearding on social networks. Passionate and accomplished Canadian skater, Rollerbearding has decided to make his life centered around this discipline, particularly by providing tips and tricks to the community.  Today, he has 129K followers on Instagram and 192K subscribers on Tiktok! An exclusive interview to find out what skating has brought him, and to learn a little more about his journey!






/Hi Jean-Philippe, how long have you been skating and how did you discover this sport?

I've been skating for about 29 years. I started at the age of 4 with my brother on ice skates and inline skates. I stopped in my teens for a while and picked it up again in full force in 2019 when the pandemic started. I was looking for an activity to take my mind off things, so I dusted off my old skates and started skating every day. 

I discovered the sport thanks to the films "The Mighty Ducks 1, 2"! There are specific scenes where the characters skate inside a shopping mall, and these were my biggest influences to begin with. My brother is still my main source of inspiration: when I'd stop, he'd keep going, and so on!


/Can you tell us how skating has influenced your life beyond the sport itself?

Skating has had a huge influence on my life. It's given me the chance to travel the world! I've also made some wonderful acquaintances in the roller community, and above all I've been able to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. I think it's fair to say that it's enabled me to do many great things!


/Today you’ve made this your job, what do you love about skating?

The freedom! That's what roller skating gives me and what I love about it! No matter how I feel during the day, all I have to do is strap on my skates, go for a run, and come back refreshed. It's something that's unique and that I wish everyone can experience one day!






/We know that you practice quad and inline roller skating, can you tell us about the main differences? Are there any specific aspects you prefer in either of these two disciplines?

I learned to skate on inline skates and got interested in quad skating 2 years ago. However, there are a few differences to point out between the two styles!

Frontal balance is easier on inline thanks to the length of the frame. You can also reach higher speeds on inline! As for quads, lateral balance is easier thanks to the pair of wheels. And above all, it's easier to dance on skates!

Despite the differences, it's possible to do the same moves in both styles. Personally, I love both styles and my choice varies according to my current objective. If I'm looking to get out on skates for a fitness workout or to cover a long distance, I choose inline skates.If I want to dance or choreograph in an arena, I choose quad skates.


/Would you like to share with us the most memorable places you've skated, whether in your hometown or in another destination?

There are several memorable places where I've had the opportunity to skate over the past two years. The first is the Palais du Patin in Quebec! It remains my favorite venue, not because I have several viral videos there, but simply because of the atmosphere, the price, and the scenery. Tokyo Dome in Japan, where you can find almost every skating style in harmony within a single spot. Santa Monica in Los Angeles, which in my opinion is the city of skating. Times Square in New York, with its bright lights and people cheering all around you!






/Can you give us your first impressions of the Slades S-quad Pack?

The Slades pack is my first pair of quad skates ever! I was happy to have a pair of skates that can be transformed into a sneaker. I thought it was a great idea as it made carrying my skates easier on my travels. Today, my everyday pair is Slades!


/What's your signature roller quad move?

My signature quad roller skate move is the Moonwalk! If you don't see me doing this move, then it’s the Grapevine!


/If you had three words of advice for beginners looking to get into roller quad skating, what would they be?

My 3 tips for quad roller beginners:

- The most important thing is to wear protective accessories such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protectors.

- BEND YOUR KNEES! By bending your knees, you lower your center of gravity and become more stable on your skates

- "Little strokes fell great oaks", so don't get discouraged too quickly! Roller skating is a difficult sport, but not impossible with practice.


/And finally, how do you see the future of skating in terms of popularity and evolution?

In my opinion, the future of skating is based on the relationship between the skating community and manufacturers. I think the evolution of skates is on the right track! There will be more skaters in the world if manufacturers continue to produce quality skates, and if communities continue to encourage skaters with events.


So what are you waiting for to follow @rollerbearding's adventures on Instagram? We hope you enjoy his story as much as we do!