This year, we will not be participating in Black Friday in order to be more at one with our values. We have joined the French collective Make Friday Green Again, that is why we will not offer Flaneurz sales.


Black Friday is the last Friday of November. It is a day of massive sales which starts the holiday shopping season. 

/An American tradition lately imported in France 

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. As this day is a holiday, taking a day off the next day allows for a four-day weekend. In the 1960s, shop owners offered discounted prices to revitalize their economy. In the 2010's, this trend settles in France, although there is no long weekend.

/Thinking about our consumption 

New ways to consume more responsibly go against mass sales, as is the case of Black Friday. The very short duration of the event promotes compulsive buying. But over-consumption, especially when it is done at a low cost, creates waste. 

It is not a matter of making consumers and businesses feel guilty, but more of questioning our consumption and acting accordingly. Flaneurz has therefore adapted its commercial policy. There will be no Flaneurz sales on Friday, November 27th.

© Make Friday Green Again


Flaneurz has participated in Black Friday for several years without lowering our prices, instead offering a gift with each order. However, Black Friday goes against our values and actions for the rest of the year.

/Being in line with our actions

Flaneurz offers a non-polluting means of urban transport. In the production of our detachable roller skates, we prefer local distribution networks. Our packaging is entirely recyclable. 

We work with suppliers who are in the same logic as us, such as VEJA. A part of the manufacturing is also subcontracted to an ESAT (company employing disabled workers in the region of Seine-Saint-Denis where the Flanerie is located) creating or perpetuating jobs indirectly.

promotion Flaneurz

/Consuming less, but better

In order to not participate in over-consumption, we have thought out your detachable skates so that you can use the same rolling part under your different shoes, rather than multiplying the purchase of an entire roller skate. Throughout the year, you won’t see any Flaneurz sales. We sell our products at a fair and stable price all year round. Moreover, we offer collections that are seasonal but that do not go out of fashion. Thus, we have no clearance sales.

/November 2020

Joining the Make Friday Green Again collective makes sense to Flaneurz. Alongside more than 1100 other French brands, we commit to not offer any Flaneurz sales. Through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  and our newsletter, we encourage you to adopt healthier consumption habits and behaviors. 

All members of the Team are implicated in the environmental and societal impact of this new way of consuming. And thanks to you, our community, our impact is growing.