You are enjoying freedom of movement offered by the Flaneurz system: choose to walk or ride. To answer your questions, we detail our system components to allow you to unravel the Flaneurz skate anatomy mysteries.



You found the perfect shoes to combine style and daily activities. Whether your shoe is from our Collections or Custom creation, we transform the sole by integrating two mechanical elements that are Flaneurz system “female” part.


/Front compartment 
During the clip-on movement, this is the cavity that, welcomed the front hook. Fixed with rivets, this part consists of a sealing shell and a stainless steel part. 


/Back compartment 
Like the front compartment, it welcomes the two rear hooks, allowing the rolling part to be locked to the shoes. A “topy” (rubber part) is glued on this compartment contour line. It reduces the rattling that can occur when the system comes into contact with a very uneven ground. 

Noteworthy point: front compartment is not covered with this rubber part. Indeed, in accordance with your numerous feedback and constant product evolution, we have deleted it.




“Male” mechanical system that you find on your chassis works in synergy with “female” mechanical system above. It is on him that the shoe will be secured. 


/Front hook
It allows the shoe to be hooked to the rolling part by inserting itself into the front compartment integrated into the sole. For successful clip-on, it is essential that this hook penetrates to its compartment bottom. That why the first clip movement requires to move the shoes back well by performing a left-right twist movement


/Stop X
This metallic part, installed at the rear system front, acts as a guide during the clip-on phase. In a tip shape, it overhangs the system. Firstly, it fits into the back compartment, and allows it to be in the right alignment for a successful clip. It secures the shoes attachment to the chassis on the longitudinal axis so that the system can’t unlock in case of frontal impact. 


/Back hook
There is two back hook, which allow the final locking between rolling part and shoe. With your body vertical pressure, they take place in the “female” back compartment integrated in the shoe sole. You are equipped, it’s your turn to skate!




Rolling part is composed with many parts. 


Plate is the rolling part skeleton. It supports the chassis above, and all parts related to the wheels below. At the front, it has a thread that allows a toe stop to be screwed in. It is designed to fix the two trucks (see below).


/Chassis and liseré
As seen above, it integrates the “male” Flaneurz mechanical system part. It is fixed on the plate. Designed and composed in our Sk8Lab, it is made of two ABS plates sandwiching a third plate called liseré. Black or white, it can be more colourful thanks to the personalization option. Chassis is covered with a grip tape, reminiscent the skateboard aesthetics.  


They are the metallic elements used to install the wheels. Two trucks equip each plate and each one welcome two wheels. 


They are inserted in the trucks central part. Their hardness, shapes and colours vary according to the rolling part series that equip your Flaneurz. Also, thanks to the nut they are equipped with, they are adjustable: the more compressed they are, the stiffer the skate will be. You will opt for a light tightening to obtain a more flexible handling. 


/Wheels and bearings
There are many different wheels types, shapes, hardnesses, colours and diameters, interior or exterior wheels. Flaneurz offers four wheels types (First, Krypto Impulse, Roll Line Helium and Luminous Glitter). Each wheels has two bearings in its center, separated by a specific strut to each wheel.


/Toe stop
This is an essential accessory for quad skates. Front toe stop can take several shapes and be more or less soft. Often used by derby or rink hockey skaters, it allows them to take strong impulses. It can also be used as a brake in toe stop braking position.



Together, we have gone through your detachables skates different elements. Flaneurz skate anatomy no longer holds any secrets for you. 

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