Figure skating emblematic skater, with her numerous titles and successes, Najete Kada contributes to the Flaneurz image influence. R/EVOLUTION FW2019 collection model, she embodies it with brightness.


Najete Kada is a figure skater, SkateXpress member and coach in the Brie-Comte-Robert club for the artistic section too.

How do you practice figure skating?

Like ice skating, this sport consists of performing a acrobatic tricks set in a several minutes’ program. Judges delivered the results with a scoring system. It is an individual sport. However, you can practice it in pairs, or in team in the case of group skating. There are different dimensions according to the specialty, which offers original performances and unique choreographies.

Najete answered a few questions to let us discovered her passion and how Flaneurz joined her daily life.




Why did you choose artistic roller skates? Did you think you could have a top sport career?

/I grew up in Parisian suburbs where figure skating on wheels was part of the neighbourhood. We played basketball or put on skates. More talented on my legs than with my arms, I naturally choose skating. In addition, my parents found it practical to combine school and sport with a gymnasium at 300m from home.

/You started by having fun! If you have talent and people around us, you start working for the top level. I was lucky because one of the best French coaches spotted and helped me to progress.


© Fédération Française de Roller


What is your best memory in competition? Can you tell us about your trophies

/Of course, there's more than one!

I will always remember my first participation at the 2005 World Figure Skating Championships in Rome. I was trusted to represent France even if I was only 17. I must admit that the 2015 French championships in Lille, marked me a lot too... After a underperformance during the short program (5th in the rankings), I have been combative on the long program. Supported by the public and my family, I realized a near-perfect program to finish on the podium highest step! I became the French figure skating champion for the third time in a row.


/My trophies:

10 times French solo champion (5 times) and group champion (5 times),

6 times French vice-champion in solo,

2015: Champions of the Nations Cup in Group,

14 participations in the European solo championship (7th) and in group (4th),

5 participations in the solo (15th) and group (7th) world championships.


© Cindy G


If I wanted to be a skater, what advices would you give me?

You should practice as often as possible. This allows you to get to know yourself better and explore different practices: dance, urban travel or skatepark. Then you'll know what discipline you're cut out for. I think you have to be open-minded about the whole skating world. In my case, I like diversity, so I have several skates pairs.




How did you know Flaneurz and what do you like about the concept?

I discovered Flaneurz when I joined the roller dance team SkateXpress 2 years ago. Florian, Flaneurz co-founder, introduced me to the concept. I dance with him today. Compared to other skates, it's the innovative and practical side that I like the most! There is range products style and originality too. This allows you to express your personality by choosing a pair that looks like you, while clipping its rolling part. It's just wonderful! 


© Antoine Motard


How do you use your Flaneurz in your daily life?

I use my Flaneurz detachable rollers to dance and move... And also to train! I give figure skating lessons in several clubs in the Paris region. Having Flaneurz means arriving in sneakers and being able to clip on/clip out as many times as necessary during classes. This allows me to follow my young skaters on the track as well as possible.


You are a R/EVOLUTION Collection model. How was unfolding the shooting? Do you have any stories to share with us?

Regarding the shooting, it's important to mention that we began it very early. We are a crew with the Black Rocks. I already knew that we were going to have a good day, full of skates and laugh. Flaneurz Team takes care of us, we can quickly fell at ease and we're all having fun.

Shooting team get everything ready, places were well chosen and fit with our skating style. We realised figures skating choreographies in group. The one on the video is CLEAN, the last one which bring us in World Championship on October 2018. In order to be ready for "Camera! Action!", we repeated in the new circular structure in Le Havre, facing the sea. The spot is very pleasant and attracts a lot of people in stroll. By dint of repeating in music, passersby were multiplying to admire to the point where they settled in the place where we had to do our choreography. The team had to ask people for leaving, in order to have them out of the frame. We were real stars!


© Anthony Finnochiaro


As “faces of our brand and our values”, our ambassadors make us proud. We welcome Najete and we are pleased that she joined us. Find us on the social networks (Facebook and Instagram), to be informed of the next events in Paris or elsewhere, and subscribe to the newsletter to receive our news!

Flaneurz at your feet, smile on your lips, our new ambassador is full of positive energy.


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