Created during the 18th century, roller skates were introduced in fashion world at the beginning of the 80’s, during which it became a trendy accessory of this period. But with the arrival of the inline skates in the early 2000’s, roller skates popularity was at its lowest. Then, it became trendy again around 2010 with apparitions in various universes. In 2009, Evian launches its “baby rollers” campaign. The same year, roller skates embodies a truly girl power in “Whip It” from Drew Barrymore. The music also jumps on the bandwagon, in diverse musical styles : Chet Faker and his video Gold, but also Rae Sremmurd in the Throw Sum Mo video, featuring Nicky Minaj and Young Thug. These few examples demonstrate that roller skates are for everybody, regardless of taste and style.

Roller skates in ready-to-wear
In terms of fashion, roller skates are an accessory one can easily associate with the skateboard universe. Indeed, one of the first ready-to-wear brands  to sell a roller skates was Van’s. In 1979, the iconic brand releases its “SK8 Hi” model, combined with ACS skate parts. These “ACS Off The Wall”, bringing together comfort, speed and stability were one of the first streetwear roller skates not only made for roller derby or roller dancing. You can now find detachable SK8-Hi roller skates on our website, in blue or burgundy.


On the Nike side, very few information are spread. Yet, a few models were made in the 70’s and the 80’s. It is the Nike Blazer pair that launches this series of roller skates. Released in the 70's, it is simply one of the most emblematic pairs of the brand, fixed on wheels. After this first experience, Nike did it again with the Killshots during the 80’s. A few other pairs, such as the Beachcomber were also presented by Nike. Today, these hard-to-find roller skates are sold for several hundred dollars on Ebay.



Recently, Urban Outfitters commercialized not less than seven different models of Moxi brand roller skates, from pastel colors to the most colorful patterns. Moxi is a brand of American roller skates created by Michelle Steilen. Their roller skates, exclusively for women, are manufactured by Riedell, an American roller skates manufacturer. Other brands such as Rookie Bella and Rio Roller also offer pairs of multi-colored skates and original designs. And well, Beyoncé also promotes the roller skate return in the launching video of her brand Ivy Park in 2016. In this video, the singer rolls into roller skates, definitely making it a trendy accessory.


High-end roller skates
After having marked its return to the popular culture, the big names of the fashion took possession of roller skating. In early 2008, Emporio Armani teamed up with Skorpion for a model, the "Emporio Armani EA7 Skorpion Quadline Roller Skates". Sold at a price of $425, this was the only collaboration between the two brands. In 2013, Yves Saint Laurent welcomes Hedi Slimane to his artistic direction. He focused on the modernization of the brand, including by giving a central role to the roller skates in almost all its collections, between 2013 and 2016 with, among others, the SL/02H with prices around 3000 €.




Latest roller news: the new YSL stilettos rollerskates. These 10,5 cm heels, assembled on wheels, are fashion collector objects. These are declined in 3 models : the Sling Back in black and red python, a colorful one in leather patchwork, and one designed for classy nights, in velvet and leather. YSL breaks the rules of roller skates, and shows that these have become an inevitable piece of fashion, next to high heels. On another note, the advertising campaign of this products has created a scandal, forcing the brand to take these pictures off.


In 2014, Moschino took over roller skates during Milan Fashion Week. Jeremy Scott opened the Spring / Summer 2015 Women's Collection parade with Charlotte Free fitted with roller skates designed by Moschino.


In 2015, it was the turn of Robert Clergerie, in collaboration with the Heritage-Paris, to give birth to a pair of roller skates. Inspired by the Roel model, the brand flagship product, the shoe is revisited in an ankle boot and assembled on a wooden platform made entirely by hand. This model was priced at 3000 €. The following year, Cosmoparis put on sale two roller skates models: "Beverly", a glittery gold pair inspired by the disco universe, and the second, "Venice"  with a similar design to the Roy Lichtenstein works. The latest creation of the brand, "Britney" is from 2017.





In early April 2017, Tommy Hilfiger creates his new #TommyNow SS17 collection in collaboration with Gigi Hadid. The promotional clip TOMMYXGIGI highlights the 90's clothes of the collection, the summer atmosphere of Venice Beach but, above all, Tommy's rollersquad, a clique of girls on roller skates.

Today who better than Flaneurz represents rolling fashion? Heiress of 250 years of history, always renewed, the brand reinvents the move and puts the city at your feets. Logical evolution of the roller skates, detachable roller skates are the latest innovation, that allows you to roll to your destination, then to walk in. Building a bridge between technic and fashion, Flaneurz offers you the opportunity to roll with any shoe clipped on, to roll with your favorite shoes and match these with your outfit.