How about a roller party to galvanize your fall daily life? Flaneurz suggests meeting us on Saturday 9th of November near to Paris, on the Cité Fertile dance floor. You can embark upon it in skates and practice your best roller dance strides.




The Cité Fertile is a lively and animated place which welcomes citizens, start-ups, companies and publics actors. Located in Pantin, in a former train site, this place undertakes transition to a future eco-neighborhood. It promotes creative, sustainable and ethical activities. Their program is engaged, cultural and festive. The main aim is thinking about environmental stakes to invent the city of the future. Offering  eco-urban transport alternative, we wanted to propose a roller party at the Cité Fertile.


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For this event organization, we are working with Edouard, who accepts to tell us more about this roller party.


/Let’s introduce yourself,  what are you doing?
"I am program supervisor at Sinny & Ooko. It's a company which runs places and events. I manage Cité Fertile, Recyclerie, Pavillon des Canaux and Machine du Moulin Rouge program (lively places in Paris and inner suburbs in Paris)."


/How did you discover Flaneurz?
"Being in charge of Recyclerie program, I made searches about skates world. I discovered Flaneurz and met Florian and Johanna, Flaneurz team members. We programmed a roller party at the Recyclerie. It went well so we stay in touch."


/Why would you want to organize a roller party at the Cité Fertile?
"I really appreciate Flaneurz work and values, so I want to propose new projects about skating. Cité Fertile is a suitable place for this discipline. There are one hectare for exploiting. Two covered places, opened since two months, of 500 m² with a skates passable floor. It's seems obvious to organize a roller party at the Cité Fertile."


/Why did you choose to work with Flaneurz?
"By organizing this event at the Cité Fertile, we want that the local population discover skates practice and discipline. With Flaneurz, we welcome amateur and professional visitors at this roller party. Flaneurz ethics are similar to our own ethics, so it is the ideal partner for this kind of event."



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Jean-Marc, our historic ambassador, will host two introduction to skating classes during this day. Each workshop can greet 35 participants. It's the occasion to discover or refine your roller dance practice. Florian, Flaneurz co-founder, will ensure a session during the evening.



To try your new talents learned during workshops, flood the dance floor. DJ WALKMAN and DJ KAKASHI hip-hop rhythms  will escort you for the roller party.


How to get to the Cité Fertile?

Address: 14 avenue Edouard Vaillant • 93500 Pantin

/By subway:  RER E - Stop Pantin, Line 5 - Stop Hoche and Line 7 - Stop Aubervilliers Pantin Quatre Chemins
/By bus or tramway: Tramway T3b - Ella Fitzgerald, Line 170/249/330 - Stop Jean Moulin, Line 249 - Stop Pantin RER Mairie

/Flaneurz at your feet




Amateurs or experts, we are expecting you to be numerous for this roller party in this unique place. Discover its program in its different social media (Facebook and Instagram).

You can find  many information on the Facebook event.

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