Many skate types exist: some of its are for freestyle, race, dance, urban mobility and trips. It could be complicated to find tips and efficient products to maintain your skates. Flaneurz enjoyed take care of material, and we explain how to do it.




To be efficient, skates maintenance have to be regular. First of all, don’t let your skates in a enclosed space like a bag, a trunk or a garage, after a ride. Check and clean your material after five or ten strolls, or if skating conditions are special (sand, water…).




/ Shoes

Sweating creates bacterias, so dry your shoes in the open air and in a straight area. Untie your shoes, and remove the boots structure taking the strip out. You can put newspaper in the shoes to drain it. And to avoid smells and bacterias, there is some specific products to diffuse.

/ Brakes

To improve your brakes or jam plugs duration, turn it regularly to wear it out uniformly.

/ Wheels

For inline skates, we advise you to swap your wheels from the right skate to the left skate. For quad skates, intersect your wheels besides skate change. The wheels gum change and become bevelled, according to its position on the skate and your skating practice: swapping wheels allows to keep its silhouette symmetry. You can dust your wheels with a toothbrush.

/ Bearings

It can be affect, especially if you skate in damp or irregular floors. Clean them regularly, with WD40 or similar products. Then, lubricate it with oil (bearing oil Tempish) or with lubricant (Belleville PERFECT bearings). Be careful! The product could slip on the wheels and facilitate dust adhesion.


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/ Rolling parts

Use a damp sponge and wipe it with a rag. A toothbrush could be useful to clean some hard area to reach on. Check regularly screw heads before a skate stroll.




/ Stuffitts

 100% ecologic product, it allows to dry your shoes by the inside. It is wood-composed with America red cedar tree, which is known for its absorbing qualities.

/ Shoe goo

 Transparent or colourful, this glue is used by skater community. It allows to maintain sneakers which are damages, and it is also indispensable for skates maintenance of freestyle keen.

/ Lubricant Speed Elixir (EOSkates)

 This lubricant has a dry film, it is polyvalent, and strengthened with Teflon®: it allows to avoid frictions and dust on bearings. Besides its cleaning qualities, it reduces rust and corrosion risks.




/ Plate

Clean the grip with a shoe brush (or a toothbrush) and water. Be careful! Not use it to intensively because the grip could be removed.

/ Topy parts

This tubber part is glue with a 3M Bi-matériaux métal /plastique) on the mechanical system under your shoes. But she has not technical skills: if it damages, it does not alter walking and skating, it reduce rattle of your feet when it touches the ground.

/ Shoes

Machine cleaning is not recommended because it can damage the leather. Machine heat reactivate glues inside the shoes. Clean the extern shoe part, using a hard-bristled brush or a damp cloth. You can add some washing-up liquid. Then, let the shoes dry in the air furnishing it of newspaper. Dryer and radiator are discouraged for the same reasons than Machine cleaning. To keep your initial shoes shape, you can get shoe trees.



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/ To maintain sneakers (white) but not in suede (ex: Fila Cage Socks - White)

If spots appears in your sneakers, clean it with water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. You can also use toothpaste (white) and baking soda pulp. If there is dirt, clean it with a rag soaked of 90° alcohol and clean immediately with water. Rubber and cleansing milk are efficient to give a new radiance. Use white polish to perfect sneakers or leather shoes cleaning.



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/ For black shoes (ex : Dr Martens Cavendish - Black Temperley)

Apply a nourishing creme if the shoes is in leather, and wait 12h: it will moisturize the excedent with a dry rag. Use black polish to maintain the colour radiance. Apply it with a specific brush when the shoes is clean.




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You can buy some sneakers maintenance kits some brands offer those kind of products, like Sneakers & ChillJason Markk, Crep Protect, or Sneakers ER.

Now you get all the tips to have bright skates! Feel free to ask any questions about Flaneurz skates maintenance.

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