From one metropolis to another.

Always and everywhere, the flâneur reaches for something beyond the divide, beyond the fleeting pleasure of the circumstance. His tribe is cosmopolitan.
Harmonious or rough, relaxed or dynamic, his territory is planetary, his borders are fluid.
Imposing his modernity, he belongs to the urban choreography.
The flâneur, in almost complete silence, performs an exhilarating nomadic dance within the public space and the different architectures.
Gentleman of the asphalt or concrete skater, he melts into the metropolitan blend, hemispheres combined, always a master of his own individuality.

© Carré Rond Vision

With the arrival of cool breezes, seasonal coats and hot drinks, bet on a pair of detachable roller skates to set the pace of your daily commute.

The “Break the line” collection includes four models. Both in  Change your shoes and Ready-to-Roll, the selected pairs are available in  three series: First, Iconic and Premium. You will be able to choose the pair that suits you.


Initially designed for basketball players, this pair quickly found its place in many dressing rooms. It is comfortable and ensures a good support, perfect for detachable roller skates.

detachable roller skates© Stefano Toscano / Anthony Finocchiaro


Also inspired by the world of basketball, this shoe seduced the greatest number of people thanks to its adaptability and its pure design. Solid, it will accompany you for a long time.


detachable roller skates© Amaury Cibot



The seventies are back with this high shoe. With its assertive design, this model is light, resistant and comfortable for skating in detachable skates.

detachable roller skates© Amaury Cibot


Each of our collections include a Veja model, for Break the line we have opted for a new model: Roraima. Once again, we fell in love with its environmentally friendly production. Its design ensures good ankle support during skating.

detachable roller skates© Stefano Toscano / Anthony Finocchiaro

The entire new collection will also be available in our first boutique, which opens in Pantin (a few minutes from Paris). 

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detachable roller skates© Amaury Cibot