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The Change Your Shoes offer is aimed at strollers who already own Flaneurz or Slades rolling parts. Collect several pairs that are compatible with them!

The Change Your Shoes is composed of transformed shoes (the rolling parts are not included).

To find your rolling part size, look under your right rolling part. If you see a size from XS to XL, select it here below. If it’s a serial number (ex: FZ1234), click on Find my rolling part size.

/Manufacturing time
2 à 3 weeks

Manually manufactured in France

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How does it work ?

Flaneurz and Slades detachable roller skates have the same mechanical system. It is possible to use Flaneurz shoes on Slades rolling bases and Slades shoes on Flaneurz rolling parts as long as the sizes of each element correspond.

There are 5 sizes of rolling parts that correspond to a range of shoe sizes, these are the standard sizes. To place an order, you will be asked to insert your rolling part size and the size for your new shoes.

How to find your rolling part size?

Take your right rolling part and turn it over. You will see your rolling part size (ranging from XS to XL) or a serial number (2 letters followed by 4 numbers). To convert your serial number to rolling part size, use our product page search engine above.

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