Mechanical parts and the chassis

The chassis (plate above the roller skate plate that allows you to lock your Slades) is manufactured in France, using French molds. It is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic. Besides its local and sustainable production, it’s above all a quality chassis. The ABS plastic is a material that’s commonly used in sports equipment. Its sturdiness makes it perfect for roller skating.

The supplier of the chassis is the same who molds the Slades unlocking key. Once again, we chose to manufacture the mechanical parts of your rolling bases in France. Part of these pieces are produced here, with French tooling. The other part is laser-cut.

the plate

In order to offer you the best plate for an accessible price, we’ve been searching for the real gem. After testing various plates, we found our supplier in China. They adapted their standard plate to best suit the Slades system. Our plates are made of polypropylene, which is a highly resistant, lightweight and recyclable material. The wheels also come from China.

Click on the video below and turn the subtitles on (at the bottom right of the video) to discover how the Slades Family developed the S-QUAD!


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