As we bid farewell to 2023, let's take a moment to reflect on the journey of Flaneurz, the innovative detachable skates company that brought change to the world of urban mobility and fashion.

With ever more freedom, madness, innovation and creativity in our collections - Nike, Puma, Veja, Karl Kani, Adidas, Zespà, Dr Martens, etc... - we pushed back our limits to meet the expectations of as many people as possible. A snapshot of the year's highlights.





The year began with Flaneurz's unveiling of its ‘Château Urbain’ roller skate collection. The Team has surrounded itself with the best - photographer Koria and production agency Resilience - to create the perfect blend of skating, contemporary dance and urban culture, and to highlight these new models. A total change of artistic direction with the arrival of new in-house talents, who decided to bring street culture, irreverence and a touch of self-mockery back to the very heart of the brand. 

In the same spirit, the "Garage" collection captured the chase of four skaters and a drone in a deserted parking lot, highlighting the suitability of Flaneurz skates with skaters from disciplines such as slalom, derby, freestyle and chop'n'shuffle.



The quest for renewal continued with the orchestration of monthly Drops by the Team. A new format for the launch of our detachable skates, to spread the practice of quad roller skating to the whole world. We're committed to supplying skates on a more regular basis, making more sizes available, getting our brand representatives more involved, growing our skating community of skaters and sharing our passion for gliding.

From Madrid to Brisbane, via Aruba, New York, London and Paris, our influencers - Linda Zhu_8, The_Stuttering_skater, Dr.lia.b, Peachyskaterr, Onyx.tbh, Rueranpai, Kimmygrace, Mkstreet10, Unseen_kunoichi, Thesunskater, Libbywilliams and Seebeychi proved that Flaneurz detachable skates are essential for making the city your own.

The new detachable skate models remain trendy, efficient and definitely designed to evolve the way we move around, which continues to appeal to technology enthusiasts and skating fans alike.





The year 2023 also saw the relocation of the Flaneurz skate production line, originally based in Pantin, to the Factory in Grenoble, a location historically associated with the production of Slades skate-shoes.

Slades by Flaneurz, created in 2021 to offer an alternative solution to detachable roller skates, needs no introduction, and its S-QUAD has won over many beginners and experienced skaters around the world.

This strategic decision has strengthened the compatibility between the two brands, capitalizing on technical and human resources, and ultimately rethinking the range of products available for sale.





Flaneurz announced a strategic partnership with Zespà, a sustainable fashion brand, marking their commitment to environmental responsibility. The collaboration resulted in a limited-edition line of eco-friendly skates made from recycled materials, aligning with Flaneurz's dedication to both style and sustainability.

There was also the production of a limited series for Adidas x Flippers, partners with whom we had already collaborated in the past, for the launch of a range of clothing and skates at Rockefeller Center in New York. The Supply and Production teams make the most of our technology, know how to adapt to our clients' needs and are a driving force behind all our partnerships. Their growing number with prestigious retailers demonstrates the recognition of Flaneurz expertise in the field of detachable roller skates.





Organized by the Flaneurz Roller Skating Club, the second edition of RDV In Paris, the festival for skaters, was a great success, thanks to a first-rate program and the enthusiasm of numerous volunteers. A few figures? More than 800 festival-goers, 11 workshops towards quad roller skate and dance, 9 international DJs to set the dancefloor on fire at 5  skate parties, 2 street skate and 1 conference on the history of hip-hop and roller culture!

Throughout the year, via its association, Flaneurz is keen to be present when called upon to promote associative and entrepreneurial projects in the local environment.



The sales team worked hard to raise the profile of our products, taking part in numerous events, developing our network of Slades retailers, and finalizing partnerships that will ensure the company's long-term future.

This year, for the first time, our Flaneurz and Slades brands were attending the RollerCon World Roller Derby Convention in Las Vegas.

Created in 2005, RollerCon is a five-day convention held annually in Las Vegas for members of the roller derby community. Nearly 5,000 visitors and 70 exhibitors attended this international event, where Flaneurz presented its distribution offer for professionals.

As an official partner of Skate Love Barcelona, the international meeting place for skate dance enthusiasts, this was another opportunity for us to present our detachable skates and urban practice during a Masterclass on urban movement techniques.





It is now possible to purchase Slades rolling parts or Premium and Iconic Flaneurz rolling parts without buying shoes. These three products benefit from the Flaneurz attachment system, offer various gliding possibilities, a wider price range and different designs, and thus complete the desire to make Slades and Flaneurz two 100% compatible brands.

There's nothing to stop you opting for a shoe conversion with the Custom Flaneurz offer and combining it with a Slades rolling part, or acquiring an S-QUAD to complete your shoe collection. Complete Flaneurz roller packs are now available with all 3 types of rolling parts.

We're constantly working to develop our product range, and the transformation of sneakers with visible air bubbles, which has been in the works for some time, was confirmed this year.

A must-have product in the Slades range: the Buddy Bag! You dreamed it, we did it! Listening to our customers' needs, our product marketers have designed a practical, modular and space-saving bag that lets you carry your rolling parts with ease. An undeniable success within the community!





Many achievements, successful developments thanks to the involvement of all the divisions - Supply, Production, Digital Marketing, Customer Relations, Product, IT and Com - and still much to do, so we're looking forward to continuing the adventure.

Thanks to all those who have moved on to other horizons and other projects - Hugo, Laurie, Mathilde, Dounia, Elora, Romain, Axel and all the others - and who have contributed to this successful year.



We can't reveal all the future highlights of 2024, but just a few hints to keep you on your toes: new shoes, new accessories and plenty of events to let you experience the products!