Flaneurz and Slades are offering three Christmas wishlists to delight skaters of all levels.





/ Slades skates-shoes

Slades is on schedule for the festive season. The pack consists of a timeless sneaker, the S-QUAD, rolling bases and an unlocking key suitable for novices and experienced skaters alike. Assembled in France, Slades skates-shoes combine affordability with the unique Flaneurz system.

Slades pack at €290, 


/ The Shoes Only Offer by Flaneurz

The Flaneurz Shoes Only offer lets you transform your favorite pair of sneakers into roller skates. It is compatible with the Slades rolling base. 

Shoes Only at €140, 


/ Slades Fanny bag 

To  support  skaters in their daily practice , Slades offers a bag that optimizes the practice of roller skating. The fanny pack, accessible at all times, is perfect for storing the unlocking key.

Reflective fanny pack at €12





/ Flaneurz customized roller skates

Flaneurz roller skates guarantee a gift to suit every style and practice. You can select the rolling part (Iconic or Premium) and the shoe with the Roller Skates Pack (Custom or Collection).

Moreover, the Shoes Only offer allows you to renew the gift from year to year by offering another new pair of customized shoes. 

Starting at €140,





 /The Flâneur’s ready-to-wear 

Being a Flâneur is about practice and style. Flaneurz offers a line of ready-to-wear clothing that brings together all the Flaneurz innovation: the detachable roller skates. This collection includes a tee-shirt, a sweatshirt and socks

 Starting at €14,

/Accessories that do good for the community  

 Flaneurz clip-off keys and leashes are made in France with ESATs. These establishments offer social integration through work for people with disabilities, indeed people who have been socially and professionally re-inserted into the community. Flaneurz offers a wide choice of colors to suit all tastes.

Starting from €8,

The Essential Slades Buddy Bag

 It’s the bag that revolutionizes roller sessions! Two in one, the Buddy Bag has the power to transform from a fanny pack into a transport bag for the rolling bases. 

Buddy Bag at €25,


/Colorful Laces

The best way to “pimp” your shoes! They bring a touch of color to your Slades sneakers! 

Laces at €3, 


/Luminous Wheels

 Luminous wheels combine design and functionality, enhancing visibility for a one-of-a-kind skating experience. They are available in white, blue, pink, and galaxy. 

 Luminous wheels at €32,