We are delighted  to introduce Lola The Beast. It is certainly not her real name but it tells us a lot about her temperament. Full of energy, self-taught and creative, Lola is also a talented skater. She has walked beautiful ways, with and without skates, from her native island, Cyprus. In this interview, Lola talks about her love for roller skating, a bit of her history and a lot of great anecdotes. We let you appreciate her as much as we do.


/Hi Lola, can you introduce yourself to our Clique, as a person and as a skater?

They call me Lola but that’s not my real name! People know me from the Barcelona scene, since I have lived there since 2014 but I am an islander. I am from a beautiful place called Cyprus that has a very rich and painfully interesting history and though we are European country and live in all comfort you will very often find me talking about politics, justice and fighting for a better future for all of us. 

My background is in psychology and I’ve been working as a stylist. I’m currently working on my very own skates apparel collection (Instagram account: @rolalolaclub). 

I get inspired by music.
I love reading. 
I live for a good movie. 
I get fascinated by new projects that aim to change the world.
I love roller skating obviously. 
I could spend my life stretching. 
I can’t wait to be able to travel again carelessly and yes, I looove sleeping. 

My roller skating is mainly rhythm skating. I love floor work, acrobatics, running and everything in between.


/What are for you the best part of being a roller skater?

I instinctively want to say the international community but that comes second to the actual roller skating. I’m lucky enough to have found something that moves my body and shuts mind up and makes me feel free. I laugh at how cheesy this sounds but it’s true! Everytime I get on skates I’m instantly excited. Even if I’m not in the mood for skating, I don’t mind ending up skating for 6-10 hours. 

And then yes, the many amazing people I’ve had the honor to welcome in my life and all because we feel the same magic on these 8 wheels! It’s beautiful how we meet 2-3 times a year at events and we all know each other-  we hype each other, we exchange moves, have fun, share and then go back to our lives refreshed only to meet again soon.


/Your advice for someone who would like to start roller skating?

Get a decent pair of first skates. Find the local roller skaters and learn from them. Learn the fundamentals first. Avoid the Instagram craze. Roller skating is a social activity. Practice regularly but take it slowly. One step at a time. Enjoy the process. Find inspiration in your own progress, the music, the steps and the wind in your hair. I always say this. 



/What is your best roller skate memory?

It’s funny how many times I’ve been asked this and never seem to nail the answer. 

Well… Every skates meeting that leaves me dead on the outside- reborn on the inside. The international events… definitely every Skate Love Barcelona Festival. The Paris Fashion Week 2019. I remember the first time I skated backwards… The first time I did a double spin.. The acro skating. The first time I went to a skates party. Literally every time I get a new move; THAT’S my new favourite skates memory.

Oh, and the day my flaneurz arrived (not kidding).

/How did you know Flaneurz?

I’ve known Flaneurz since their Kickstarter days. Believed in them since day 1.

/Which Flaneurz do you have and what are your use?

I’ve got the Nike Air Force One in black and this is only because the white ones are sold out worldwide... With the premium rolling part and I LOVE  them, can’t wait to get a second pair!