Flaneurz, the French brand of detachable roller skates, is proud to present Najete and Florian, the emblematic couple behind its success. Two personalities with different influences brought together by roller skating, Najete displays the demands and grace of the figure skater, while Florian conveys urban culture and hip-hop.



Co-founder of Flaneurz, Florian, a native of Seine-Saint-Denis, has been immersed in roller culture since his early teens. His passion for skating turned into a dream: to have the freedom to skate and walk around the city to his own liking. With Flaneurz, this wish has become a reality! All that's left to do is slip on your favorite pair of sneakers in less than a minute, with two options to choose from: walk or roll, all in style!

As for Najete, she is an accomplished figure skater whose technical performances and quality interpretations have won her ten French solo and team championship titles. Najete also contributes to the development of Flaneurz through the Association Flaneurz Roller Skating Club, of which she is the director.



Florian and Najete, who have been married for several years, are a passionate " skating couple ", eager to pass on their love of skating to everyone, regardless of age, social background or experience. Within the roller community, they embody the values of transmission, sharing and acceptance conveyed by this discipline. Even before she could walk, the youngest member of the family had a pair of crocheted roller skates - what better way to ensure that the tradition is handed down from generation to generation!

The couple recently took part in the filming of the Flaneurz collection video, "Château Urbain", with a roller dance choreography imagined by Najete, in an atmosphere imbued with tenderness. They fused their respective street and artistic worlds to create a remarkable show.

Flaneurz is proud to have this inspiring couple as brand representatives, a duo who encourages diversity, freedom and creativity through roller skating.