Your enthusiasm for Roller Funk Party invited us to renew our collaboration with Point Ephémère for one Paris electro night on Thursday 11th of April.

This event was the opportunity to introduce Samantha, programming manager at Point Éphémère, on the Saint-Martin Canal banks.


© Flaneurz 




/How did you discovered Flaneurz?

“I discovered the roller party concept at Garage in Paris. It was the first time I was skating, and I loved it. Later, I saw Flaneurz organized roller parties at La Recyclerie and I wanted to apply this universe to Point Éphémère. Moreover, I found the detachable shoes concept brilliant.”


/Why working with Flaneurz?

“I collaborate with organisations who share same values and a branding close to ours. It is pleasant to work on an event that promotes an unifying project and involves our audience. Results were positive for the Roller Funk Party, So, we launch Roller Electro Party with Flaneurz!“


/What’s your link with roller skate universe?

“Taking part at a roller party convince me to roll more oftenly. It's very elegant, especially when I see skaters choreographies.I chose pink skates with flames. I received many compliments during this Paris electro night. I saw Veja V-12 Almond Pierre on your e-shop and I find them very beautiful."


© Flaneurz




/What’s your feedback about Roller Funk Party ?

“The staff liked to see people going around the place, roller skates at their feet. Our resident DJ loved to watch skaters dancing during his set. The next day, he sent us a lot of videos.

We had a concert at the same time. It was amusing to watch the public taking part to roller party after the show. It's one of the best evenings”.


/Why choosing electro theme after funk?

“Roller skating is back in the fashion spotlight with the vintage trend. With Roller Funk Party, I wanted to organize an event in this spirit.

With the Clique, we wanted to highlight this "neo retro" movement. That's why, we offer this Paris electro night. Our regular customers are eager for this kind of event “.


/What’s was the objective with Roller Électro Party?

“We wanted to offer a fun activity through a roller dance workshop. It’s an opportunity to (re)discover skating. With the following roller party, our objective was to make a sport accessible while having fun“.


© Flaneurz





From 6pm, the Clique and Point Éphémère staff welcomed you for a roller dance workshop animated by Florian Gravier, Flaneurz co-founder. By crossing your eyes full of enthusiasm, we were delighted to see many of you during this roller dancing initiation. You (re)discovered dance steps on an electro playlist.


/Roller Électro Party

Like this multifaceted place, you have illuminated the dance floor with original movements. Some of you shone with their choreographies while others discovered the joys of sliding on roller skates. Our community has grown with many internationals among you on the track. We are delighted about this.

So, you had the opportunity to share this spring evening with La Clique and our ambassadors.


/How to get to Point Ephémère ?

Address: 200 Quai de Valmy • 75010 Paris

/By subway: Line 2, 5, 7bis - Stop Jaurès and Line 7 - Stop Louis Blanc
/By bus: Line 26 - Stop Louis Blanc, Line 46 - Canal Saint-Martin et Line 48 - Stop Stalingrad

/Flaneurz at your feet



We were pleased to welcome you to this Paris electro night.