Flaneurz turns your favorite shoes pair into detachable roller skates. Quad skate trend is a tribute to one of the 90’s iconic sports. Each season, we offer opportunity to move with style while practicing sport with most legendary sneakers of this generation.

With custom offer launch (Ready-to-Roll and Change your shoes), we have received many vintage sneakers, such as Reebok Pump or Shaq Attaq, featuring the typical 90’s shoe style. Many sneakers brands have made their shoes timeless, like Reebok. Our collaboration with this brand is not a coincidence: discover our tribute to vintage basket on wheels.


© Amedeo Abello  




Like many basketball brands, Reebok draws its savoir faire from its contact with athletes who wear their models. By ensuring its bestsellers durability such as Reebok Freestyle, the brand has become a reference for its shoes designed for practice and adapted for the street. Its name is inspired by an antelope (an animal known for its speed) species living in the south of the African continent and whose name is pronounced "Rhebok". Its logo, made up of three parts, represents mental, physical and social. The brand identity conveys sporting and lifestyle spirit that you can find in our permanent collections because of this timeless design.

The 90’s are marked by the Windows launch, the Pokemon era advent and the Reebok Aztrek OG creation in 1993. High technical and futuristic design alliance whose emblem is the “X” placed on the toe box (shoe part that covers and protects the toes) make the Aztrek a revolutionary shoe. A legendary shoe is born.


© Flaneurz 




With a rich models index from the 90’s, Reebok has decided to revive the iconic Aztrek. Reebok x Flaneurz capsule was released on 5th of October on our e-shop and only 12 models are available for sale. The Reebok and Flaneurz style teams worked on a product honoring roller skating history for Flaneurz and vintage sneakers for Reebok.

From the Reebok Aztrek OG, we imagined a rolling part really adapted to this sports shoe by combining the Iconic and Premium ranges:


/Iconic plate Sure Grip - Rock: appreciated for its lightness and comfort.

/Premium wheels Roll Line Helium x Flaneurz, used for their hardness, they offered speed and precision due to a light-weight hub.


This components selection provides a new sliding feeling, entirely thought for the Aztrek OG. Prolong the running movement, go faster and further… Welcome to combined world of two brands putting performance into fashion.


© Flaneurz  




It is probably the most nineties event! 

To introduce this collaboration Reebok X Flaneurz, we invite you to meet us on October 5th in Paris. For this event, we put together 90’s line-up.



In the Reebok pop-up store, with whole range "Re-Run the 90's", Flaneurz has invested the Megastore first floor to offer 6 roller dance workshops. Hosted by our ambassadors: Amandine Everage, Jean-Marc Gravier and Laurence Sabas, you could come and discover the roller dance basics on 90’s sound.


© Pierre Mouton © Pierre Mouton


After discovering the roller skating joys, we met you at "Crazy Sexy Cool" private-party. On Pop and R&B music DJ live set mixed by  Alice & Moi, Anaïs B and Zouz Machine, the Reebok x Flaneurz collaboration energy was in full swing. Between two roller dance shows provided by the SkateXpress collective, we had the pleasure of seeing Cindy Dslv, Camille Montagnac and Amelie Dias, Flaneurz on feet. We also had the pleasure of seeing Ludovic and Andrea (It's about L.A), the faces of our Own Flaneurz collection.


© Pierre Mouton © Shehanhanwellage © Shehanhanwellage


We are proud to have worked with Reebok and to have see you smiling for this new event. The collaboration result is now available on our e-shop. Be part of the 12 flâneurs who can walk, ride, run, slalom Aztrek on feet.

Roll with the 90’s style thanks to Flaneurz.